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How to set a target weight?

HI all

I just wondered how those of us with a lot to lose decide a target or even if you do?

If you aren't very big it is easy to say oh I would like to lose a stone or get into those nice jeans again. When you are very big and you have been big a long time you have no idea how you will look at 11 stone or what size you are likely to be then.

BMI charts are one way of doing it but then people say that you can be healthy and over a BMI 25 so it is misleading.

So - HOW do you decide how far to go and when to stop?
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I started at 14St 6lbs, at a size 20. I am aiming to get down to 11St 6lbs, making it a round three stone to loose.
It has been around eight or nine years since i was in that range so i have decided to go down to that size and then work out my final target. I imagine it may be a bit less than what i'm aiming for but as you say i don't know what i will look like at 11St6. Clothing wise i want to get down to a size 14-16.
I think that 11 or 12 stone is a good range to aim at initially. My BMI will still be slightly over weight but i would rather aim slightly too high and then lower my target than set myself something i can't achieve.
I found my target weight too depressing when I started, it was SO far away I couldnt see me ever getting there. Initially I set my target for 10 stones, still thinking it was almost impossible (but hey 14 months down the line, Im almost there :)) When I got to about 7 stones I moved my tracker to 200lbs. I think when I get to about 160/170lbs Ill move it to my final target, which wont be far away :)

. I think doing it in stages is definitely better.
most often, if you have been very big for a long time, setting a target weight is difficult, so i aim for a healty bmi annd then see what i look like when i get there and tell myself it is not in tablets of stone, after all it is your weight, no one elses and you can adjust your goal when you get nearer to it xx

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