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How to 'spice up' a Pasta & Sauce?

Hmmm you could add ham and mushrooms into it, peppers, softened onions (to do this you put chopped onions into a hot pan with a bit of water and put the lid on), you could grate some of your HeA of cheese over the top.. possibilities are endless really x


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Chillies! But if you're going to all that trouble why not just use ordinary pasta, it's far cheaper.


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I had a pasta and sauce, i think it was tesco's own chicken and mushroom or Sainsburys. One of the worst things i have ever tried, yucky
Thoroughly recomende getting loads of "Lazy" jars, garlic, ginger, chillies, these are great to experiment with. I usually put load of pepper to heat it up a little too.
sure ive read somewhere that you can use them as a base of a sw quiche, make up pasta n sauece, press down into a tin then top with quiche mixture


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I love the tomato and herb one on a jacket spud with a HE worth of grated parmesan on it, it's fab. Also with the cheese and broccoli one, it sounds obvious but chuck more broccoli in with it - just some chopped fresh florets :)


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I think that i shall have to be more adventurous and see if i can get it a bit more tasty. I thought that i would have one as i was hungry and i wanted to just have something quick.
I have the tomato and herb pasta and sauce, made up with just water, add tuna and sweetcorn.
Just made it for my lunch tomorrow, added sweetcorn, and some cherry tomatoes. Yum..

With the broccoli and leak, add more veg with it.
when made up with just water, its just as yummy and syn free, and dont have to use your healthy extras.


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Just buy plain pasta instead, it takes the same amount of time to cook and the world is your oyster. You can add chopped up veg tinned tomatoes, sweetcorn, quorn sausages, anything you want. Your not restricted by what's already in the pack then xxx
Thanks for this advice. I did a huge one and had some for lunch with a small salad, put the rest in the fridge and had the rest the next day. lovely. Who said that eating healthy has too be expensive.
I had the mild cheese and broccolli one and I added cooked cauliflower. Then add cheese (your HEX) and turn into a pasta bake. It was gorg, plus I got some of my superfree food at the same time (which is very difficult for me :cry:).

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