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How to start CD?

:( Hey.

I've been reading alot of posts here in the forum - diaries and questions and recepies and alot of stuff, but can't figure out - what is CD?...

I've read on google that its the diet (Cambridge) - but what is it? food replacement like slim fast? or calorie counting?...

I'm looking for the best diet there is to start (never had a diet before, and need to lose like 70 pounds), I looked around the slim fast forum but turns out that it's too expensive for me to ship it every month to israel - maybe theres some other diet, maybe it CD?...

Can you please tell me how it works? what do I eat? where to buy (ebay?...)? and most important - does it work?... :confused:

thank you
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you go to a counsellor. they provide the products to you for money, depends on how much they charge. it's a very low calorie diet of around 500 cals a day. you loose around 14lbs a month in weight. it works by sending you into a fat burning state called ketosis so after the first few days the hungry feeling goes which is why on 500 cals you don't want to eat your own foot! best place to find a counsellor is the official Cambridge diet website. here.... Cambridge Weight Plan: Worldwide Distributors
p.s do not buy them from ebay as they're usually more expensive and cambridge frown on it.
Exante is usually what people use instead of CD if they have no access to a Counsellor. It's similar in basic make-up to CD I understand but without the supervision and support as you buy it online.
The range of flavours isn't as wide but it works the same way as the others in that it's a total food replacement (TFR). It's supposed to be pharmacist supervised but from what I understand (and my own personal experience when I tried it for 3 weeks last year before finding CD) the only contact usually had with the pharmacist is that they may be stood in the shop at the same time as you ;-)
lol... ok.
TFR meaning I don't eat ANY food at all? just taking this food replacemnet? (becuase I saw that the LT is pills, not bars or shakes like slim fast)
lipotrim is also shakes, soups and bars , much the same as cd and is a sistering brand name. it is however not as easy to stick to as cd because of the lack of flavour and choice IMHO. i began on lipotrim before moving over to cd and find cd much much easier.
Yup.. TFR as in no food... so black tea and coffee etc. Most of us survive just on water :D As your BMI goes down you gradually start introducing food but only certain types initially in very strict quantities (based on carb and protein values of the food).

Are you sure you looked on the right Lipotrim site? It's definitely a TFR plan Welcome to the Lipotrim Website
Not ideal but if that's the best you can do.... just be aware that SF is quite high in sugar.

Have you thought of doing Slimming World or one of the other plans online? Save you having to faff around with ordering online etc?
It's not a total food replacement as you you eat conventional food on you but I know a lot of people who have had great and long lasting losses on it. I plan to start it when I get near to goal on CD as it will give me a frame work for maintenance until "living slim" becomes a natural way of life.

Slimming World - because you're amazing

and then there is www.weightwatchers.com too...

They both work if you do them properly with similar weight losses... it's just the method that is different so will depend on what you prefer
ummm so slimming world is also like SF or CD where I take pills or food replacements? or is it like counting calories by myself?

and I know we have weightwatchers in isreal, but it's nothing like cd or sf - it got nothing to do with changing food or pills, just people gethering together and talk about losing weight (I think... :))
No... Slimming world is nothing like SF or CD or Lipotrim o.r Exante

It's eating normal foods but an education programme (like Weightwatchers) to help you lose weight and change your eating habits for life.

Have a look around the websites.. that should explain it all to you.
ok I understand, but like you said, you used CD first THEN you are going to use SW.
meaning, first you lose all the need-to-lose-now weight and then before reaching the goal weight you start not only losing weight but educate yourself to eat good without CD (something like training yourself for the life-after-cd).

thats what I want to do - first lose, then learn to maintain.
Yup.. i'll still work up the CD maintenance re-feed plans and use their food allowances while attending SW for the last stone; the advantage is that once you get to goal with SW you get free ongoing membership for attendance to the group meetings for the weigh-ins and support etc as long as you stay within a certain weight around your goal (think it's 3lbs above or less). That way once CD is done and dusted for me completely I can monitor and continue to educate myself using SW for free until such time as I feel I am truly living slim.
Your welcome.

The Slimfast website gives lots of recipe ideas for the meal you have to have so is well worth checking out if you haven't already.

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