How to use a threadmill properly..

They are obviously professional dancers...I think it looks beautiful.
It's Ok Go! I like their music...Never seen them do this treadmill thing though.

Very brave :D Took me months to get the hang of walking on it :D
Fantastic!! I think the choreography was awesome :eek: I agree with Karion though ... I can't even walk on a treadmill without holding on!

Debbie x
I was in my gym up North and an old dear was on the treadmill. She'd been on it a couple of minutes when she let out a cry for help.

When we turned round, was hanging on for dear life with the treadmill's incline at such an angle she needed ropes and crampons to climb up it! What's more, she was practically running up what was basically the side of a mountain :eek:
The fitness instructor did a gallant sprint across the gym to rescue her before she was flung against the opposite wall!

It transpired she had wanted to slow down but had got the buttons mixed up and was pressing the incline + button.
OK if you're into fell running but I think this particular woman would have had trouble walking briskly to the Post Office to pick up her pension!

Treadmills can be dangerous things!! :p

(I know it's not funny .... but I can't help chuckling to myself when I recall that image ....)

Debbie x