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How will I survive?


Is a crunchy mama!
S: 13st13lb G: 9st9lb
Here's what I would do;

  • Pack Alpen lights
  • Enjoy hotel breakfasts like poached eggs, fruit, wholemeal toast and jam etc
  • Fill up on fruit between meals
  • Most hotels serve just whole milk but don't worry too much as you can have 175ml whole milk a day as your HEA
  • Have protein with every meal. It'll keep you fuller for longer
  • For lunches and dinners fill up on salads and go for simply cooked chicken and fish (red meat is a bit iffy because they're usually marbled with fat. That's why restaurant steaks are so delicious!)
  • Go for red days and have only 1 HEB during the day and save the second one for the oil you'll inevitably find in your dinner
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do lots of walking
  • Have one meal of whatever you want. I would do this on the last day as its so easy to $od the diet for the whole trip if it was on the first day!
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun with all other non-food related adventures! Vacations are about so much more than food. Enjoy the scenery, shopping, company. Have lots of beauty treatments and shop shop shop!!!

I did this while I was in Paris for a week and lost 2.5lbs!


Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
I was going to come up with some ' wise ideas', but to be honest, reading Honeyoc's reply, she's really summed it all up! Very good advice I'd say! The bit about having just ONE meal where you have what you want is very good because it'll make you fell much less like you're depriving yourself of goodies and you'll look forward to it! Maybe you could do it on the last night!X

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