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How's everyone doing today? A bit of group support!


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Good choice. I am doing okay. Day 4 am in ketosis but still get hungry sometimes and others not rather than constantly hungry. Was at the gym today doing some resistance training to help tone me up as I dont want to lose all the weight and just be flabby everywhere - thats the plan anyway. Keeping busy helps reading a book or watching a film. Stay strong !!
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I need this too - Im day 1 of a restart after a good 18mths off it and regained most of my weight lost!! Doh!!!!
Have had 2 shakes so far and definitely not enough water so need to go and slurp some now.

Keep the positive vibe going

Mrs Taurus

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We should all work extra hard to show the many sceptics of vlcds that they do work! VCLD POWER! X
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Hey, I just started CD again after nearly a year off it and discovered this website last night- some of the posts have been spot on and I feel really motivated to continue the diet and MAINTAIN!!!

This is my second day on sole source plus and I feel a bit surprised as I don't feel as headachey or hungry as I thought I would be going by my memory of the last time I did the diet... unless it hits you on day 3 :(
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I'm already struggling and its my first day, had a tetra and shake so far but also a small slice of cake at work that someone bought in and its devestated me to the point I just want some pitta bread with my soup!!!! :( Please help!!
Will this feeling go?


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S: 19st4lb C: 18st13lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 0st5lb(1.85%)
It gets easier when you get into Ketosis. If you stick 100% (no cake!) then you should feel better in 3-5 days. It is worth it I promise.

We can do this! We need to stick together and focus on the small goals.

I've got into bed to avoid the kitchen!!! My poor hubby, feels like I'm being mean to him leaving him downstairs alone, but I am pretty sure he'll be watching 'boy' telly and having a glass of wine!

I feel totally lacking in energy and really headachey. Can't wait for this to pass. I did an hour in the gym today and only managed hlaf the intensity I wouldnormally work out at :(

Still.... we're in this together!

Great Thread !!!!! I'm getting back into sole source plus more of a scenic route as I am recovering from pleurisy. I'm on a higher plan but I've been able to have more cd products today. Hopefully I will hitting the ss+ highway proper next week, but all the preparation so far today has been fine. I have put six pounds on since the start of December but I can cope with that as I know it will go.

Keep going everyone ! coz we are soooooooo worth it :D:D
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Well done to all the new comers,I just thought that you should taake it easy with the exercise at the beginningof the diet,your energy is dropping quite low so you should be carefull with the amount and intensity of your workout.Keep it up and roll on ketosis

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