Any Londoners fancy a weekly meetup n chat/support group for VLCDs?

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  1. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm ordering my packs online, a returning VLCDer, have done this type of diet before with LighterLife, tried with Slim n Save too, i think i was more successful with Lighter Life because of the group meetings, but there is no way i can afford how expensive it is again! Jeeeeez it is pricey!

    anyone fancy meeting up once a week or once every two weeks for a chat, some support and sharing how its going in person? Its a fab time of year to meet in parks with our packs and water ;):D

    Hope to hear back from someone, I am determined to do this for myself this time and while i love minimins and reading up how everyone is doing, such a great source of distraction during hunger pangs and motivation......... i feel it would be great for me to add this in the mix, i'm working on being more sociable too. Would be soooo great to talk to people who are doing the same thing, going through similar things and dont judge for doing a TFR diet.

    fingers crossed

    Muchos love to everyone on their journeys

    Tara Mmmmmmmmwah!

    ooo..... p.s. i'm on day 3 today and going strong :) and I have half of my body weight to loose. Addicted to watching Lawrence B's dual dynamic vidoes on youtube, he's a cambridge diet counsellor and is sooo awesome!
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  3. cherl889

    cherl889 Loves this site!

    Hi Tara. Didn't want to read and run.
    Where in London are you? I'm a bit stuck atm. Trying to decide which diet to do and will order on payday. Ideally want shakes rather than soup as work shifts so body says a shake can be had regardless of the time but soup is def a lunch/dinner thing and where I work I'm not given a break so good is grabbed at the side of the road or at a hospital somewhere lol.
    When did you start? How much have you lost? What diet are you doing?

  4. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey Cherly,

    I'm in east ldn hunn... Hackney.

    Been doing it two weeks and a day now, I have decided to weigh in every 3 weeks so I donno how much I've lost yet... Tho can feel it in my clothes see in my face and people are beginning to notice so I is a happy bunny

    Re which diet to do it depends on ur budget and what kinda support u want... I love slim and save but I'm doing nf a different one whose name isn't allowed on the forums purely coz they have special offers on... I bought 28 days worth of packs, sole source for £66!! The flavours r v v similar to slim n save but the packs are a lil bigger so 3 packs a day where slim and save is 4 a day if your doing sole source.

    If you want to see someone weekly and weigh in cambridge is good and cheaper than lighter life by faaaaar but lighter life do weekly counselling style CBT and stuff sessions at the weigh ins.... If money would a stretched a bit for me I would've done Cambridge just because there is a counsellor called Lawrence in brixton that looks amazing!!! I watch his vids on YouTube.

    Where bouts r u hunn? Would love to meet up :))

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  5. cherl889

    cherl889 Loves this site!

    I'm in kent. Near Tunbridge wells.
    Can't wait to hear how much you've lost. I've got about 7wks and would love to lose just over a stone.
    Diet wise, I'm not too fussed about the counselling part as I know there is lots of support on here and if I'm totally honest with 2 young children and a job I work shifts for I probably wouldn't be able to see one every week anyway.
    I want as cheap as I can find that's going to taste good and get the weight off lol. I'm not sure you'd be allowed but can you pm me the one your doing?
    Would be really good to have a diet buddy if your up for it? I won't have the money to order any until 20th so will start as soon as they arrive. I really new this to work for me. Ive never really felt happy thinking about a diet that substitutes but I'm beginning to think it's better for me as only options are what flavour lol.

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  6. DimpleDebz

    DimpleDebz New Member

    Hi Tara,

    i am on a vlcd at the moment and love the idea of a weekly meet up. I am in east london also. Are you still on the forum and interested?
  7. Hi Tara, I'm not in East London... Actually I'm miles away in Manchester but reading what you posted I think we're in the same boat. I'm doing a VLCD (Lipotrim) and I watch all Lawrence's YouTube videos for motivation! I've got about 50% of my body weight to lose as well so dunno if you wana Skype instead? Just a thought! It would be nice speaking to someone non judgemental about the diet I've chosen. Just let me know xx

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