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How's it going today girlies??

So how are you getting on with juddd today? What day are you on? How are you finding it?

Hope everybody is doing great. I'm on a dd today and all is going well so far :D Gave myself a good talking to last night as really need to get back to this properly!! Didn't have a very good week last week as it was so cold, but I can't make excuses like that lol! So getting right back into it, and that's the hardest part with juddd. Once you are in the swing of dds/uds it becomes so much easier and starts becoming second nature, I just need to get back to that place I was at before Christmas lol!

Good luck everybody!!
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well Im not in that place yet and found out the reason for being so rough I have a throat infection and the drs given me antibotics for a week, soshould be raring to go Monday, I have some DC food left over from last year so am going to incorporate them in to my days, soupd or the DD and dinners for the UD might help me get back in the swing if I haven't got to think about it too much.

Get well soon, horrible when you're feeling ill. Yes at least using dc meals you don't have to think about things too much!
Hope you are feeling a bit better Shep. i've also had a throat infection and flu and just want to drink sweet tea with chocolate biscuits!!! The schools are shut again here, which whilst its nice to be at home with my little boy I tend to eat so much more - hoping that everything gets back to normal so that I'm out and about being busy and not stuffing my face with comfort food!!!
Stirky - fantastic weight loss, have you done it all on this diet?
Hi Annie,

I started out on slimfast, but stopped losing weight on that so switched to juddd which I LOVE.

Good luck with your journey xx
Yes Shep you look great girl!! Sounds like you have juddd well sorted too, you'll be needing another new pic soon!!!


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Wow shep you look so different in your new pic:D Hope you dont mind me saying but it takes stones off of you!
Thank you Miss Jelly Tot very nice off you.

Stirky7 said:
Yes Shep you look great girl!! Sounds like you have juddd well sorted too, you'll be needing another new pic soon!!!
Thankyou I think my heads inthe right place now, just need this throat infection to ease up.
Hi Shep, Great new piccy, it took me a while to realise it was you!

My throat infection is now getting better, I also am now on antibiotics! However I have managed to pull a chest muscle due to over-enthusiatic coughing fits so no exercise for 2 weeks :eek:
OK this is definately better than the heart attack I convinced myself I was having last night!:eek:

However the being ill has helped with the weightloss and I seem to have lost about 5lb since last WI just because I was ill & not eating

So no stopping me on a down day on Monday !

Good luck everyone:flirt2:

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