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How's your Wii fit?


has started again!!
I love mine. Havent found time for it for a few days, but am really impressed with it. Gradually moving up to harder levels, but I find the jogging the hardest thing to do!

My Wii fit age is hovering around my real age too, so thats not bad. The only thing I didnt like was when it told my 9 year old daughter she was obese. I am not sure if it has a lower age limit, or if it is programmed to take account of age, as such. She is a little chunky, but also very active & going through a growth spurt too, hence a bit of extra weight. There is no way at all she is obese. Me, on the other hand........... definately!!
I played it in my sisters, and my age was just a year older than my actual age so I was very pleased with that :) I was so impressed I went out and bought a wii and the wii fit game, havent hooked it all up yet, the weather was too nice to be stuck in today, might do during the week :)


now got pictures in album
I love mine! Got it last week and I play on it every day, the free step is excellent!!!


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Amazing.. i totally totally love mine.. like.. looooads.. my fave thing is the stepper 2.. its just so much fun.. lol..
I totally reccomend it to anyone thnking of getting it..

x x x


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Yea i love mine more than food,honest. having the best time and the results are amazing. I jump on every morning to check my weight loss and havn't been disappointed yet.


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Great, i'm looking forward to it now. After too much wine last night and munchies today (not too bad but crisps, cereal bar and beans on toast just had to be eaten) i think this will be my first week i dont lose :sigh:. If it gets here early in the week i can do a bit of work to make up..........I'll let you know how i get on.


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Hi Debbie, have a look on www.game.co.uk I think they do the wii with wii fit package for £250. I've just checked and they are out of stock at the moment. Search wii fit in Argos site and there's a video to watch showing some of the stuff it does. Looks pretty good.
i love my wii fit -------got to admit i find the yoga a bit hard (coz im not very bendy ) but i love the stepping and short jogging sessions
Im loving my wii fit. My sis bought me mine, she gave it me last week for my birthday (bday is 6th june, but she knew I was gunna get one so she gave it me early yeeha).
I just love the hula hoop, even though it absolutely kills my sides lol


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Does anyone know where they have them in stock, we have tried everywhere we can think of.
Yeah I wouldn't mind knowing where we can get one as well, looking to treat myself on Saturday x for my first non food treat :D xx
I also love love love my Wii fit BUT as it weighs you every day am a bit obsessive about it now which is not good :(. I have stuck to SS 100% and my weight has increased for the last 2 days. :cry: I know its only 1lb but it can be quite demoralising when have managed to abstain from all the BBQ stuff I fed the family over the weekend.
On the plus side it also gives me something to do once I've fed them! I normally dish up the dinner then go and do a bit of step or hulahoop:D
Anyway negativity aside its really great to have especially if (like me) you're feeling a bit too lardy to hit the streets/gym in lycra!

I brought a wii for my girlfriend for her birthday a few weeks ago, everyone seems to be going on about this wii fitness may have to look into it.


soon to be minnie mouse
I feel the same about hitting the gym or god forbid the the local pool euk. Love the feeling of starting up a session every morning with fun activities. Slinky have you been getting weighed a the start of each day, you will get an accurate reading


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I got my wii fit today!
I have a wii fit age of 20 (I am 21 :D)
I was exhausted after 7 minuets (according to the piggy)
I love it! (I am lighter on this than I was when I had my weigh in this morning :D)


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Hey everyone, the wii fit arrived today and its brill!! Having to kick the kids off so i can get a shot. Got a bit of work to do, i'm 39 and my wii age is 48!??! Could have been worse. Loads of fun stuff to do. Kids have filled the wii with family characters so thinking its hilarious to do step exercises with Grandma and Grandad!
Didn't lose anything this week as over indulged with wine and nibbles at the weekend so going for it this week.
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