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HQ gave answer on couscous cake at last!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Brightonrosie, 24 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    Last edited: 26 February 2010
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  3. natasha1974

    natasha1974 Silver Member

    thank god for that ive just eaten 4 cous cous muffins lmao im rather full got a couple left for emergencys as my hubbies away tonight
  4. Harry'sMom07

    Harry'sMom07 Silver Member

    I was just about to ask this question as I'm dying to try the lemony one but not worth it if the couscous has to be synned!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  5. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    Thank you Rosie.... now I can go back to making couscous cake!
    I would love to go to class and say nah nah :p to our Consultant.
    I shall tell her tomorrow! :):D
  6. CEB

    CEB Full Member

    Brilliant, I have just cooked the breakfast muffins and they smell gorgeous so looking forward to eating!
  7. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined Better drink that water!

    Where you all getting your recipes from? Im so excited! Thanks for that!
  8. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    There are quite a few here.. have a look in the recipe section.
  9. natasha1974

    natasha1974 Silver Member

    the muffins are so simple
    1 cup cous cous
    1 toffee or vanilla muller light
    1 egg
    vanilla essence
    5 tbsp sweetener

    soak the cous cous in boiling water till all absorbed then mix in all other ingredients bake for 40 mins in muffin tin at 180
  10. lemma1968

    lemma1968 Silver Member

    Ok, newbie here.

    Don't want to put the cat among the pigeons but are you not adding the cous cous as a dry ingredient here? Thereby....it must be synned? :lost::hitthefan:...runs away to hide.
  11. stephie0611

    stephie0611 needs to focus!!!!

    It'll be cause the couscous has already been soaked (cooked) in the water, means that its not being added dry huni. xxxx
  12. natasha1974

    natasha1974 Silver Member

    yeah u only syn it if its used dried which is not how it is intended to be used. So by soaking it and following the instructions it is free
  13. gobolino

    gobolino Gold Member

    Yeah :) thank you Rosie- it does make sense, but great that you have the official SW slant on it too :)
  14. lemma1968

    lemma1968 Silver Member

    DOH me - i missed the words "soak the cous cous in boiling water" :whoopass:

    Although I cannot for the life of me understand why it makes a difference. Its the same stuff, and water has no calories or fat. I am assuming (dangerous i know) that they will be arguing that you will use more dry cous cous than if its bulked up by water, but bearing in mind these cakes are free......go figure? You can still eat a load of the cakes whether dry cous cous went in or not. :confused:

    I think i have lost the plot somewhere with this.

    Don't listen to me, i'm a naive and yet to learn newbie :p
  15. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    The water does indeed swell the cous cous. After you let it soak the amount increases by a third. Anything with a high water content will fill you up quicker than foods that are low in water xx
  16. avisk

    avisk xx

    I can't think of a way of using cous cous without soaking it in water - am I being dim here?
  17. robsterswife

    robsterswife Tummy Mummy

    Yes dry cous cous would be gross !!
  18. chunky-monkey77

    chunky-monkey77 i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

    how do you make the cous cous cake
  19. BikerAngel

    BikerAngel Silver Member

    some folk use couscous as a coating on chicken or fish so its like a breadcrumb if that makes sense. That way it would have to be synned as not soaked prior to using it.
  20. Silvermaneuk

    Silvermaneuk Naughty Fridge Picker

    Ii assume this means it's free on extra easy as well? As it's free when made up normally on ee?
  21. chrispy82

    chrispy82 Full Member

    Yummy and yey!!!! X

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