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Hubby has got his!


I am really suprised Nic has gone and got his done, I thought he was just being supportive but really had no intention of doing this. His was £53 does that sound really extreme?? He is quite heavy though were talking over 20 stones. Will this change at all as he losses weight? I dont know if his weight has anything to do with the price, but was just looking back at how much you all paid and it was not that much. Well I suppose its cheaper than what our food bill would be a month!
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I thought it was £44 for the men?!
me too!! Am hoping mine is not horrendous, but at least I know it cant be more than that!


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Yours should be £36!

What area are you in, Sarah?!
the one we have gone to is the only one in the area where we live. Maybe thats why?? i dont know!! He said he will give it a couple of months and if losing then will continue but othewise he will stop!
I am in West Sussex, sounds ok and when you look at the webiste there seems to be a few but West Sussex is quite big!!!


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i paid £44 for robs , the pharmasist gave him the choice of either 2 male sachets a day or 4 female sachets a day so he got the 4 so it was £44 for 28 sachets.
I pay £33 for mine so it costs us £77 per week for ours.

What you paid does sound quite expensive!


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I'm afraid I would question the pharmacy about their high prices! A pound or two higher I wouldn't quibble but nine pounds is ridiculous!:mad::confused:
yeah just give them a ring and see what they say the only thing that could happen is you gain £9.
Good luck with it all
Hi - I pay £50 a week in Hertfordshire - this went up from £45 that one of my mates was paying last year!!! But the £50 is great as the service, encouragement etc I get from the Pharmacy is fantastic and I have already recommended 2 new clients to them as I was so impressed. Maybe I should have asked for a commission?
To be honest I am so chuffed that he is giving it a go that I dont want to rock the boat with him, but I have got to go later and get mine for the 1st time. I have phoned and just asked how much it was and it is £36 for mine (about average) so I am going to "casually" for now ask why there is such a huge difference between the 2, and why most pharmacists offer it for around £45 and see what they say.
im paying £48, good luck to the both of you
Thanks F2T - I showed Nic your pics as I though it would be nice for him to see what had happened to a man on the diet and he was very impressed, so thanks for being the inspiration to get him moving.

I do think he was slightly annoyed though as when I showed him your pics, he did say, "I was enjoying loooking at the (.)(.) on the ladies!!!
Needles to say he has no idea what this website is called and will not be letting him loose, so ladies your still safe!! He could give F2T a run for his money in the smutty remarks!!!

Now what was it that made me marry him??
in kent its £36 for woman and £44 for men regardless of weight
best of luck to you both xx

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