Hugs For Disney...

Discussion in 'CD 1000-maintenance' started by Katycakes, 2 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    DisneyParis - who posts on this section of the forum - is having her op today, just wanted to wish her all the best and a very speedy recovery... sending a hug.


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  3. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Yes, big hugs for Disney. We are both suffering from the same problem and I may need an op too, so hurry up and get well soon and do let me know how it all went.

  4. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Get well soooooooon! xx
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  5. Bess

    Bess Plod, plod, plod.....

    OOh me too, hope you soon feel much better.xx
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  6. *butterfly*

    *butterfly* Silver Member

    Here, here. Thinking of you Dis, hope you feel better soon. Don't get rushing yourself too much. Gentle hugs xx
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Hope all went well Disney. Take it easy for a few days (ie...leave the housework, just stay on the minimins 24/7. It's for the best ;)
  8. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hope everything goes well and take care of yourself

    Irene xx
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  9. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Liking KD's recipe for recovery... can we all join in to give you moral support? Hope things are going well honey, fingers are crossed for you. (Makes it VERY difficult to type, lol).

  10. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Disney,

    I hope it all went well. Speedy recovery.

  11. DisneyParis

    DisneyParis An Attitude of Gratitude

    Big thankyou to Katy and everyone for their good wishes. It was a really nice surprise to discover a get well thread had been posted for me. Thankyou.:thankyouthankyou:
    I got home from hospital on Friday evening. I'm doing fine, still a bit tired/dizzy from time to time, but that's because my blood count is low (l'm on iron tablets now. :sick0019: :rolleyes:). Was so impressed with the NHS care l received and the hospital was really clean.
    Managed to do a bit of office work from home yesterday, will do some more later today, but went a walk this morning to the post box & my MIL's house (only a few mins. away) and now feeling quite tired this afternoon. Once my blood count improves l'm sure l'll feel less tired.
  12. Bess

    Bess Plod, plod, plod.....

    Glad you are home and getting better. Make sure you get plenty of rest though, no rushing back into things too quickly! Nice to hear good things about the hospital too.
  13. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Hope you feel better soon and try not to do too much,be kind to yourself whilst recovering x
  14. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    As everyone is saying, make the most of this and curl up and rest... there's no glory in scooting back to work too soon and feeling like death on legs. Rest now and get properly better and you will be fighting fir for Xmas!


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