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S: 23st5lb C: 21st0lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 2st5lb(10.09%)
Discussion time: I was surfing through the 3589 tv channels I now seem to have and I came across a show about people who had a stomach bypass op. (I think that's the op-their tummies are made smaller and a part of their small intestines are bypassed)
Now, I am not considering it for myself, but I was wondering about the science of it-the lady on the show lost 10 stones in 3 months...over half her goal. !!!!!!
How come we don't lose that fast? I mean-surely the calorie intake would be similar if we are sole sourcing? How does that work?
Please understand: I am NOT criticising CD, just trying to get my head around it. It was a lovely show-ended up bawling for her-she was so nervous pre-op. then so ecstatic a few months later.
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Does it not depend on how large you are to begin with. Just a thought but I am assuming that if you have a vast amount to lose the first 10 stone could sift quite quickly whether you are on CD or having had a by-pass?
S: 22st10lb C: 14st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 8st8lb(37.74%)
I watched that programme too...the lady who had the op weighed 30 stone when she started and lost a whopping 10 stone in the first 3 months...but she had a gastric bybass which means she only has miniscule amounts of food and the bypass changes the way her body metabolises the calories she is consuming, leading to rapid weight loss....the food she consumes does not travel in the conventional way to her stomach like ours does as her intestines have been bypassed and food travels straight to a smaller stomach pouch. What the programme fails to tell you is that that young lady will be on tablets and supplements for the rest of her life....a quick fix and too drastic in my opinion.
The lady said she had tried various diets in the past..but nothing worked for her....I find this really hard to believe personally, I know as well as the rest of you girls know that diets do work but require willpower and hard work, the only reason diets won't work is when you break them and go back to over eating. I understand the lady had psychological issues going on..but please!
These operations in my opinion are handed out too willy nilly on the NHS and it teaches the person getting them nothing, they need to address the underlying issues that got them to that size in the first place. I can understand if you got to that size because of medical reasons ie; thyroid problems and this was the last chance saloon, but this lady was just eating herself to death!
What really peed me off was the lady was stood in the kitchen with her mum at one point shovelling a large piece of cake in to her mouth.....oh I see you are really trying sooooo hard to lose weight love....some people just don't get it do they?
I am really sorry to blow up, and I really try hard to be sympathetic, but sometimes people just don't want to help themselves. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life.. I have PCOS and alot of my weight problem is hormonal...but I am no fool..I know the difference between good food and bad food and have obviously made some bad choices in life to have got to the weight that I was when i started my CD journey, but I just hope with CD I have seen the light, and I can honestly say I am changing my life around myself, for me.
I have now jumped off my soap box....sorry if I offended anyone..but needed to vent my views.

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