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Hi all, i dont post too often but i read all the time and a big thanks to you all as this forum has been a life saver for me!!

Anyway i have only just tried humous!! Never tried it all my life and round my sisters the other day she convinced me too it was a red pepper flavour and i am now in love with it and want to eat it all the time!!

My question is does anyone no if it can be slimming world friendly or can be made so it tastes the same?

I have looked up the syns but for me i cant buy the tub and only have a couple of spoons its just too nice!!
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There is a really good and free recipe for houmous on the slimming world website. It's really easy to make and tastes yum with veg sticks or on ryvita!


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I make a hummus style dip.

drain a tin of chickpeas and put in a food processor. add a garlic clove (or two - to taste), salt, pepper an 2 tbsp tahini (B choice or syns, you choose). Process. Add tablespoons of either 0% greek yogurt or fat free fromage frais until the mixture is the right consistency.

when you serve, you could always sprinkle with a little paprika to be authentic!

dip to your hearts content!!!!


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I love humous, I buy the low fat variety and mix it with fat free natural yogurt. That way you get more, and its lovely and less thick. I love it in an asda wholemeal pitta bread with salad and cauldron falafel bites (1/2 a syn each). You can have it as a hex B on a green day. I've tried making it myself, but it just wasn't the same.


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I make it the same way as Angie except I omit the tahini and add a little lemon juice and black pepper - syn free and delicious - I don't notice the lack of tahini to be honest.


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S: 19st12lb C: 19st0lb Loss: 0st12lb(4.32%)
Brilliant, thank you all so much i am gonna give it a try! x
I absolutely ADORE humous but I don't like it at all when I make it myself. I've tried so many recipes but nope, I can't come close! So I just syn it - it's what I eat if I eat out... a humous baked potato or a humous salad. *drool*

It might be worth checking out the stacks that you can buy - they usually come in packs of 3 different flavours, they are very small portions so easier to not eat too much of!


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I'm going to try this tonight with some home made wedges. I'll have the hangover munchies after being out last night and hopefully this will be the perfect cure when all you want is nibbly stuff!

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