Hunger pains


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I'm on day 11 and stil lget hunger pains. My stomach obviously still likes to talk to me (it was very loud during a lecture yesterday morning).

I'm drinking all my water and haven't eaten anything since I started. I'm also in Kitosis. Any suggestions as to what I can do to stop it, or is this it for me? It doesn't happen all day, just some of the time IYKWIM

At the moment I'm telling myself that the noise is actually my stomach eating my fat and enjoying it, not asking for food and this mental approach seems to work. How long I can keep this up is anyones guess
Hi, how much water are you drinking? I am not on CD but Lipotrim, and am drinking 3 jugs of 1.5 litres a day. Therefore I am drinking 4.5 litres a day but that is up till 3pm as I don't want trouble during the night. I also drink water after 3 if I am thirsty, and will also drink a few mugs of black tea after 3.
Pam xx
Sorry, I forgot to say, I did an experiement and drank less water and was starving, so water definitely stops my hunger. I am peckish, but not hungry.
Pam xx
Yes, the water really does help.

I could time my meals by how much noise my stomach made, but you're right, it really helps to look on it in a positive light.

You could even grow to enjoy the sensation :D