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Hunger Pangs Passed...For Now!

Hi all, hope you are all good today.

Today is day one on CD, I had my consultation at 11am so didnt' eat any breakfast as wanted to start today and had my first meal at lunchtime. I had planned to have my 2nd meal around now, but although I was feeling hungry an hour ago, this has passed for the time being. Should I still have the shake, or wait till I am hungry again?

Not sure if I should evenly space my meals or just eat them when I am hungry? 9pm is my danger time so need to make sure I have a meal around that time so I don't cave.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Absolutely Determined!
Personally I'd space them evenly. If you know 9pm is your danger time why don't you try having them at 10am, 3pm and 9pm? Just a suggestion. Don't forget your water too :) x
Hi Paula, how has your day been?

Yeah, I think evenly spaced is the best plan too thinking about it. Least then if I'm hungry I know exactly when my next meal is.

Hoping I eventually come across a meal I really like cos so far they've been ok ish.

Had lots of water today but have lost track of how much.


Cambridge Consultant
I would definatley say space them out to.. I tend to have 1 between 9 and 10ish one at about 2ish then one at 7ish..

Good luck its all worth it when you see the weight coming off!!

You will find ones you like too.. I started off having soups then hating them then found the shakes I really liked.. and bars too (from your third week)..
Thanks. Not sure I can risk the bars....I'd be worried I would want to eat them all :0(
im the same would scoff them all. yeah best to space shakes out hun x


Absolutely Determined!
I'm the same with regards to the bars. As much as I'd love to get some, I know my limitations. If I have one I'll eat them all. I need to take anything I have to chew out of my life for a while. So, good job I'm getting a blender so i can stop chewing my shakes haha!
I'm not too bad this evening hun thanks - well done for getting through today! xxx
Multi packs are the work of the devil, lol! I just don't have that kind of will power. Luckily my little boy is only 3 and not at the packed lunch stage.....I'm dreading having to have lots of yummy snacks in the house for him!

Not sure what to do about all the food I do still have in the house. Suppose freezer food will still be ok in 12 weeks when I can have real food...have a box full of Quavers that I may have to throw away in preparation for a weak moment!
I've actually enjoyed not having to think about food too much today...normally I've only just finished one meal before I'm thinking and planning the next one lol!

Glad today went well for you Paula
K x

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