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Hungry for two days

Hi, I am in week six and so far so good - in fact; fantastic. I have been 100% for this whole six week period. However, yesterday and today I have been hungry. Yesterday didn't manage to get much water down me and went walking for 1 1/2 hours. Today managed 3 lires of water and the dentist! Not been hungry before, what do you reckon it is? Am I out of Ketosis? Yesterday I had an extra shake because I was so hungry. Not moaning, can get on with it ok, but would be curious for comments.
Thanks gang, Elaine.
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An extra shake could knock you out of ketosis hun,this diet is so finely balanced there is no real room for extras!! Funny you mention feeling hungry though, I am in week 5 and although I am not ravenous I often feel like I would like to eat something and my tum still rumbles and grumbles away usually in a meeting lol !! I just try to have a hot drink or some water and think of my goal and that usually sees me through xx Take care hun, have you thought of buying your own wee testing sticks? You can get them from the pharmacy and they will reassure you,think they are called ketostix.
I think its the weather.... sounds silly but the drop in temp.... especially after that warm.... your body wants you to eat because its cold!!! Lol... xxx
Elaine, if you have stuck to 100% then you will still be in ketosis. (I'm sure the sticks will confirm that). If the problem persists I would give Lipotrim a call (their number is on your carrier bag). They really are soooooo helpful. It's great to see how determined you are :) LT DEFINITELY gets results!! (I'm on week 13 and lost almost 4 stones)
An extra shake will not knock you out of ketosis at all, my pharmacist told me if im ever really hungry then to have an extra one as its better than having food. i went through a hungry stage at around week 6 i think its just out body telling us its time to eat. xx

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