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Hungry hungry hungry


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No you dont! have some lovely fruit or veg sticks instead :-0

lol x
I have and i'm still hungry:rolleyes:

Just munching on strawbs atm, the more fruit i eat the hungrier i feel:confused:
Have a Mullerlight!


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I feel the same, if it's any comfort!

BUT, I succumbed to a caramel Freddo at lunch time, and it didn't really help very much, so I would say don't eat the biscuit!!

It's not worth it! :D
Next time your shopping - get some Pink & whites. They are only 0.5 syns each & are perfect for such moments!!

For now - can you not have something & syn it??
I thought pink n whites were 2.5 syns not 0.5???

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Pin and Whites are 2.5 syns each Hun, its the Mikado sticks that are 0.5 syns each.

What day are you on?? If Green have a jacket potato with something, if on EE, have pasta with chicken and sauce, if Red, stuff yourself full of chicken or ham slices!
I can sympathise with you completely! I've had no chocolate for about 2.5 months, and the other day I had some and now I can't resist it. There's a bumper box of roses at the end of my desk and I can't stop munching them! GAH! Sometimes, even fruit and veg snacks just don't cut it. This week has been a complete write-off for me, I'm positive i've put on about 3 lbs this week. It's too late to make any difference this week (although i'll try!) Next week will be a clean slate and I'll be good all week! I'm planning on making tomato and chicken pasta salad tonight to munch on tomorrow through the day and try to stave off my hunger! here's hoping!


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I feel the same today or some reason. Have just been food shopping so have eaten 8 seafood stick and a kellogs fibre plus (B) bar while putting the shopping away. I've also put my first ever SW quiche in the oven - due out at half past four. I imagine they take a while to cool down though. Hmmm.


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i hate days like that, nothing hits the spot! i used to get them pre SW too and could eat about four chocolate bars and crisps etc etc and still not be satisfied. it's a toughie, but get through today and you'll be so proud of yourself.

hot drinks help i find x


is working hard.....
That was me yesterday - nothing 'hit the spot' and I ate my way through the fruit bowl!

The upside is that today, I'm just not hungry at all!

Hang in there - you can do it! :) xx


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Just keep focused on what you want - to lose weight....and weigh up how much you want the treat.

Chances are you dont really need it, but if you have enough syns have something! xxx


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Now making strawberry fluff (strawberries, jelly and vanilla yogurt) - waiting for jelly juice to cool so can blitzt it and get it in the fridge.

Am sure to be dissapointed as I'm thinking strawberry angel delight and I bet it won't be like that.

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