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Have some fruit hun, that will keep you going until lunchtime and it's all freeeeeee! :D
Lol, i carry a ginormous lunch box full of fruit. Everything x2, one for the morning break and one for the afternoon break, hence i'm never hungry. :D
Lol. I have to eat something every 2.5 hors because i suffer from non-diabetic hypoglycaemia :sigh:...so it's usually fruit.
lots of people mistake hunger for being thirsty so you should always try and have a drink (they say water but im sure tea is just as good) when you feel hungry, then if you're still hungry then eat something
I eat a lot of fruit usually to stop me wanting other stuff.

I worked in a docs surgery a couple of years ago and one of the staff said you are always eating something made me laugh coz it would have been pies n stuff if i didnt have the fruit:D
Ahhh CB don't worry about it, i'm used to it!

Peggypig...i'm the same, that's why i can't do atkins bcos i need the fruit!!! lolol :rolleyes:
You did the right thing having a drink.

If I get that overwhelming feeling of hunger I make a black coffee and stir in an options drink. It never fails.

I keep one in my handbag at all times so that even if I am out I can order a black coffee and make my special 2 syn cappuccino.

Also I take a flask of "free" soup to work with me.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I'd be hungry if I only had weetabix. If I have cereal then I add a banana, the things I have (weetabix crunchy bran and all bran if I need it :eek:)I tend to use either a free yoghurt or very low fat fromage frais to make it more substantial. I think you need to eat more.
Oh god! I snack so much between meals! It's always free or very-low-syn snacks, so I don't feel bad about it. I eat things like fruit, raw veggies (I prefer most veggies raw), yoghurts, crab sticks, homemade soups, etc. Because I work from home and have a bad habit of snacking at the computer, so I'd rather have smaller meals and then just grab a piece of fruit or veg when I get hungry. At least I know I'm getting my 5-a-day in ;)

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