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hurting (not about cd)

hi all well i started the diet yesturday and soo far it was ok

ive just realised that my hubby had been cheating on me by talkin to other girls online. and even given his no

ive confonted him and HE DOESNT DENY IT he says its all my fault that im a no good wife:cry::cry::cry::cry:

ive been trying my best i carnt think anymore i dont know what to do im sorry for doing this but i had to tell some 1
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Oh my goodness, what a shock for you! What has your husband said he going to do?


wannabe yummy mummy
Sorry to hear that but don't you let him blame you! If he's cheating he's the one in the wrong, not you!
Sorry you have had such an upsetting shock. Don't take the blame, he is responsible for his own actions. Is there somewhere you can go...friends or family...for some support? Stay strong and take care of yourself....when things have calmed down try and talk about it. It is not a rare thing ...but it doesn't make it right. Best wishes.
he ses he doesnt want to leave me but did it because of me. i dont do the things i should have. but i know ive been trying for a long time.

he told me he hasnt slept with any1 but i just carnt trust him any longer
How dare he put this on you!!! This is in no way your fault hun and don't you dare let him tell you it is! :flamingmad::flamingmad::flamingmad::hug99:
if i go to my family it will be a scene of I TOLD U SO cas
Hi Hun,

I am so sorry to read your post, and I'm not really sure what to say to you because obviously I don't know you or anything about you!

Have you been married for very long and do you have a family?

Like you, I too would be absolutely distraught if I caught my husband doing the same thing and I know it's very easy for me to say this - but, I really don't agree with the 'there there so long as you promise you don't do it again I will forgive you attitude, to me thats just a green light for him to keep getting up to the same old tricks - so I'm not too sure how to handle this, but my view is that you must let him know you mean business and he has to grovel, grovel and more grovel and then prove he truly loves you etc etc etc........if he's not prepared to do this then I'm sorry if this hurts but he is not good enough for you and he needs to be kicked to the kerb!

Lots of hugs let us know how things are going.
X x x x
theyve always hated him
so i dont want to give them a reason to laugh.

i left all my friends for him as he disliked them
Don't let anyone tell you that you are no good!!!! I had a cheating husband once and he tried to blame me for his affair!! That's just him trying to blame his actions on you. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!!!!
Just ask yourself-is he a loving husband to me? I suspect not.
Chin up lovey and know that you are a goddess. He just doesn't realise it.
i feel like S***t he confessed over the phone and ive told him to come home before he goes to work at 8 but hes to bothered staying with the boys watching cricket

ses hel come tommorow after work to sort it., i feel like packing his things and leaving them near the outside door.

we have 1 child nearly two

if he did want to save the relation hed be here instead of watching cricket with the boys just 10min drive away

ive always forgave him in the past and he promised

i dont know wat to do
Oh hun ..how awful for you ...I'm at a loss for words...to do what he did is horrible, dishonest and lousy - but then to have the cheek to blame you...

But what I do wanna ask hun, is saving face in front of your family worth staying with a dishonest controlling man?

You know, after the initial 'we told you so' I never liked him' ....I bet - because they are your family, they'd support you & would rather you were truly happy hun...than stay with someone that has isolated you from everyone...

All the best hun, whatever you decide, but I know for me - trust is everything & I could never trust a man again after that....

debs xx
ive been married for 3 years ive known him for 4 years
Talk about kicking you when you have low self esteem anyway. Grrrr, I feel so cross on your behalf. There is no way he should be giving his number out to women online. Hold your head up high now, be strong and positive and say "look, sort yourself out and stop this garbage, which includes the "trying to blame me" crap, sort yourself or get out! I don't want to be with you if you are going to act like a childish ar5e!"
thank u every1

i think il have to let him go as he ISNT BOTHERED ABOUT ME

il have to wait till he gets back from work to sort this out.

i need to think this through because i really love him but i carnt take the fact that he doesnt care anymore.
He tells you that then starts dictating when he'll come home to discuss it with you....how dare he!
Sorry if this sounds hard hun but this guy obviously has no respect for you and obviously expects you to just stay quiet and put up with these antics! I personally would put all his stuff in black sacks and leave it outside, then I'd call him and tell him that if he does come back tomorrow when he wants rather than when I want then all he'll be coming back for is to pick those bags up.
Not saying this is what you should do hun, that's just me. I obviously don't know you or your OH so I can't tell you what to do (he seems to think that's his job!:rolleyes:).
Stay strong hun and we're all here for you.
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he keeps saying that if i dont change hel leave and know i dont want him to
he ses

i dont clean the house as much
i dont look after the little 1 asmuch as i should
im overweight and he doesnt like it when i get touchy
my face has spots (got a litlle acne)
i dont cook nice food
i sleep to late (little is having problem sleeping and wake up late so i sleep with him)
I'm with Debs hun, trust is everything!
I don't know if you are in love with your husband, is he agood provider, good father etc but what I do know is if you forgive and forget straight away just to get him back home with you then he will most likely do it again!
So, please, please be strong and tell him if thats how he wants to live his life then he can do it somewhere else because you and your child deserve better X x x x x
i carnt carry on the diet anymore today as all this has made me want to eat,

im going to think of wat to say to him when he does come

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