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I will have a look at that sometime, I've always wanted to try hypnosis


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I've done NLP before but not for dieting. It was really cool and very relaxing. I wouldn't say I was hypnotised in the sense of doing things she said like getting up to do the funky chicken - but at the same though I was aware I was in the room, sat in a chair, I could not move for the life of me. It freaked me out the first week - I tried to open my eyes and just felt like I couldn't.

It did help with what I wanted to achieve - not resolved 100% but it did help. Basically, she spoke to me and got me to look at the issue and 'put it in a box' and leave the box on the floor as I went up in a balloon (sounds weird I know). It wasn't as simple as that - hehe - but basically it was a means to learn to handle things better and in a more calm approach. So though the issue wasn't gone, my ability to handle it was improved.

It's not cheap to do with someone face to face (I paid £60 for my consultation with her and £45 per hour session thereafter).

So...a free podcast is defo worth a go!

Hellie- thanks for the post!!! xxx


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Ooh smashing, I'll have a look at this.
I listen to Paul Mckenna's "I can make you sleep" hypnosis cd each night and it sends me to sleep within minutes, not proper sleep but kind of a trance and although I "wake up" at the end I then fall straight to sleep and I'm getting to be able to sleep on my own (without Paul!) so I think it's working.
Anyway, I'm rambing. I'll download this tonight for sure.
Thanks H! xx