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hypnotherapy - any1 tried it?


Never give up
browsing the web - as 1 does, came across a local hypnotherapist. wondered has any1 on here any knowledge of such things? any1 tried it - pros - cons? did it work 4 you or some1 you know? im a real binge eater, would really like to get it under control. on cd ss+, in first week and doing ok but iv done this diet before and put most of the weight back on. need to re-train myself regarding food. i eat something 'naughty' and then the devil on my shoulder is screaming 'you've done it now, you might as well eat the whole kitchen and start again tomorrow'. feel really guilty as every1 else on here seeems to be doing so well. am i the only person who feels like this? sorry - turning in2 a bit of a rant now so i'll pull myself together! lol. would really appreciate any info tho if any1 has tried the hypnotherepy thing! thanx very much. xx
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I haven't had it myself, but my cousin - who suffers trichotillomania (obsessive hair pulling) was advised to visit a hypnotherapist.
She had around 8 sessions, and 2 years on, her hair is nearly in a bob! She used to be nearly bald and have to wear wigs from the nhs.

Nevertheless, this is completely different to weight loss, so I can't say if it will/wont, but i have to say it is something I have also been considering. I definately think it's worth a go.

HUgs x x x


just wants to be slim
Hypnotherapy can work, I've never tried it for weight loss with a therapist, but I had it for stress a few years ago. It puts positive thoughts and coping strategies into your mind but you still have to consciously work at it afterwards. I bought a book called "I can make you thin" by Paul McKenna which comes with a hypnotherapy CD whch does th same things, makes suggestions to the subconscious mind about how to control cravings etc. It helped with my binge eating massively, and it also stopped me scoffing chocolate which was my real weak point. Even my kids think the book is great as they're aware I've done it and are actually amazing at how they can leave chocolate in the fridge now. They even teased me (before doing the Camb diet) and offered me chocolate under my nose and couldn't understand how all of a sudden I could say"no thanks". The CD puts me into a really deep state of hypnosis so I can't even tell you everything he talks about on it haha. Rather than spending £50 aprox on hypnosis sessions of which you'll need several (so you're talking a few hundred pounds likely) I'd highly recommend spending £10 on this book which takes a few days to read (I'm not a big reader and I actually had the book for years before I decided to read it) and listening to the CD a few times a week (30 mins or so) and I think you will be pleasantly suprised by the results and could save yourself an awful lot of money.
I did have hypnotherapy sessions and they probably cost in the region of £300 in total. My problem was buying lots of chocolate and it definitely helped curb that particular vice - however I wouldn't say it worked completely as I replaced choc with savoury things. I guess I have saved £300+ on chocolate though


Never give up
thanks very much 4 both those answers. iv heard about the paul mc kenna thing but it never crossed my mind to try that - i think i might give it a go! as you say the therapy is very expensive and i dont need hours of questions as 2 why i overeat - i already know that! its a comfort thing with me, i need the re-programming 2 tell me 2 choose other options! (sounds really easy when you say it out loud doesn't it?) i'll keep you posted as to how i get on - thanx again for your replies and advice. god - i just love this website!!!!! xx


Never give up
quick update - went straight to the book depository ( usually loads cheaper than amazon!) and ordered the book £5.57 (bargain). i'll let you know if it helps. thanxs again ladies. xx


just wants to be slim
Good luck, keep us posted how you get on!

I'm the biggest chocoholic going, if I can say no to it them anyone can. I found myself going to the fridge and grabbing a bar a few times then I'd stop and realise I was doing it out of habit and didn't really fancy it. Believe it or not I actually went off chocolate for a while whilst I was doing the book. You have to do visual exercises where you imagine chocolate mixed with something disgusting and imagine the smell and taste. I chose dog pooh and it certainly worked, I had no desire to eat it all all for several months as I couldn't help but think of dog pooh. I've not done the exercises for a while now as I'm on this diet and can't eat anything anyway, but I could probably eat chocolate now given the chance so it's important to keep doing the exercises. I'll be doing the exercises again once I'm free to eat to make sure I don't relapse! :17729: haha found this pic, looks like he's eating a poop!

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