well im 44 and i have been scared of the dentist since i was in my early twenties, really terrified, then about two years ago i had half of two teeth collapse and i was due to fly to america a month later and i didnt want to go with half of two teeth,
so i picked up the yellow pages and rang them all, and most of them wanted silly prices but this one guy who answered the phone sounded so good just by hus voice and he said that if it didnt work onthe first visit it was unlikely to work and he only charged £25,

so i went, and i remember sitting there very relaxed but thinking well thisis a waste of time im not hypnotised and paid my money and left, i was gutted, 3 days later i got into a dental chair and sat there for 45 mins while they rebuilt my teeth, even the dentist was amazed, cos she knew how bad i was before, put it this way my dentist had to do a examination with her fingers and a mirror before and to work on my teeth even a plish i had to be numbed up or asleep,

so yes it worked for me, but be careful there are a lot of people out there ready to take your money,
Not experienced hypnosis myself but very interested to hear the outcome, keep us posted.