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Hypoband? Anyone had it done or know someone that has??

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Hi everyone :)

Just a question regarding hypnoband? (gastricband through hypnosis). I went for a consultation yesterday and i am eligible lol. The whole "procedure" involves 4 sessions at 75 quid a pop. It has a 70-80% success rate. I have a few worries and the first is probably being hypnotised and the money if it doesnt work. So i was just wondering is anyone has any advice about it??


Dawn :)
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I am due to have my sessions on Saturday. I am having all my sessions on one day. I have been hypnotised a few times and it is a pleasant relaxing feeling and nothing to be fearful of. The procedure itself isn't magic and I think you need to believe it is going to work with a positive attitude for it to work. The hard work is still done by you by listening and recognising signals of hunger and fulness. Do plenty of research and read others experiences to prepare yourself. The cost is a relevant factor but I myself have spent money on dieting over the years so look at it as a good investment for a tool to your weightloss journey! Good luck

I researched this a long time before having the hypnosis technique. I wanted to ask about their training etc. I know that hypnoband is just a trademark name and hypnotherapists just apply for a licence to use the name. No actual training is involved. This was a worry for me. I'm not saying it's wrong, just doesn't sit well with me.

I wanted to work with someone that as done their own stuff to test this works. I discovered Sheila Granger. She's doing clinical research studies with Universities and hospitals. If you find someone like that you know they have 'true' conviction in what they doing.

However, she was to far away for me to travel, so I found someone more local thats been trained by her.

They work with the same area of 4 session. But you have the band fitted on the 1st session. That way check can be made on how your progressing. I can't see any benefit having the band fitted on week 4. Then what happens if you need adjustments or more support. Will the therapist ask for more money.

Yes the technique costs money, but so does all the clubs i belonged to. then paying extra for healthy food. With this technique, or the 1 i had, it requires work from you to. You have to be prepared to change you belief around food. I believe, that when i was dieting i was focusing on food all the time. count these point and thous point. what colour can i eat today. It all became to much.

The hypnosis is just a tool. Its made my unconscious believe i have a smaller stomach. That as worked a treat. I only eat 3 meals a day. smaller portions and of course exercise.

I truly believe this should be the 1st option regarding the N.H.S. Also for me to take responsibility. I wasn't born fat. It was me who pigged out on sweets and snack 2 hours after having a big dinner. You just got to get pissed off with feeling that way that your willing to change. If that means having hypnosis, thats easy. I certainly wouldn't want the medical procedure. There are so many potential risks involved. Plus i couldn't afford thousands of pounds to have it.

So go for it... Just check the person out, ask for testimonials and about their training and the support afterwards. Because they should be willing to help you change your mind, because if your successful you become a walking advert for them.


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