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Flabelos - Anyone using it or had success?

Hi all, I only just heard of these this week and the girl that was telling me about them said she had seen people with amazing changes in their figures from using them.

I've done some googling and these seem to be the 'in thing' much like toning tables were back in the day.

The place she recommended is apparently £30 for 15 sessions which seems pretty reasonable but just wondered has anyone used this and had success and also does it count as body magic as I believe to get the best results you actually do exercises on this machine as well?
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Well I rang the place and have my first session booked for 1.30pm so will see how it goes!


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I've had a few goes on them. They vibrate like mad and you look hilarious! I think you have to do toning exercises on them rather than just stand there to see benefits, but they did seem to help a sore back.

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It was fab I loved it. Strange sensation but you can feel it working. Met a lady there who's lost a dress size using then and not dieting so apparently they do they work...time will tell I guess, going to give it a month.

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Why are these? Like vibroplates?

We have vibroplates at the gym I go too but I don't really know how to use them (I know - I should ask!)

However I had heard of toning tables and booked 20 sessions! Which start Tuesday! I'm not sure what I'll think of them, since I used to go to the gym up to four times a week (cardio) but since 're-joining slimming world I've started going to classes (3 times a week) and hope a mixture will help me :) x
I've got my second session tomorrow, I really enjoyed it, just getting some time to myself if nothing else!!

I did swim tonight for the first time in years and will keep that up so will be hard to tell if it's that or the flabelos toning me up but it all helps!


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If its like a Powerplate then I reckon it will tone (if you do the right stuff on it) but is no substitute for cardio. I use the Plate at my gym and can feel it toning my muscles but as they're still covered in a layer of fat you cant really see!!!

As for toning tables I was warned years ago that they werent good for you as its forcing your body to do stuff and you'd be better off with free weights
im on my second week of using flabelos programme 2 for weigh/inch loss,im doing 10 mins everyday
in 2 weeks my hips look better struggling with my tummy,

i measured before i started using it,iv maintained my weight at 9.13lbs for 2 weeks,

anyone had any results from this??????????
right iv done flabelos everyday for 3 weeks (missed 2 sundays)

and iv lost an inch from my bust,waist,hip,leg bum,not bad to say iv had chinese,pizza,carvery and a pizza hut visit last week,
my weight has remained the same,but my shape has changed lots my hips/love handles gone and a flatter tummy,

id defo have a go,:D


Always trying!
I've just bought a bodi tek vibrating power plate however I'm not going to start using it until after my WI on Saturday as I'm trying a week without doing any exercise to see if I see if u can get some movement in the scales! It's doing my head in not going to the gym however I need to see the numbers reduce some more.

Your inch loss is inspiring through scoobydoo!

when you see what iv been eating as well omg pizza hut chinese burger king im much better when im at work,

tbh i was a little bit miffed id not lost the weight as well but my shape has defo changed big time,

make sure you keep a record of your measurements
i did bust,under bust waist bum,top of right leg oh and leg arm,lol

then checked them 3 weeks on

good luck:D

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