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  1. ditzeeblonde

    ditzeeblonde Call me Linzi...

    How do you combat them?

    Am having them quite a bit at the moment, dropping down into the 2's... not sure whats best to bring them back up again?
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  3. Martcu

    Martcu Member


    Hi Ditze blonde I have that problem too but always in the middle of the day at 1pm or 3pm I usually take some lucozade to bring them up but I've recently taken to eating an apple (red) which does the same for me but I can never really say why this happens as it can be because I didn't have a snack (fruit) between breakfast and lunch but somedays it will happen anyway even if I do eat !go figure!!! so sorry I can't be of more help to you but I'd love to see if anyone else has ideas on this
    Mary x
  4. Leanne1

    Leanne1 Silver Member

    I use half a small carton of orange juice. Works every time. :)
    Why are you having hypos now?
  5. Ricki

    Ricki Member

    Jelly Babies! Heard Jelly Bavies are low fat and high sugar so gave then a try and now carry then everywhere. Work quickly and less calories than Mars.
  6. Ricki

    Ricki Member

    I also use GlocoGel
  7. Ricki

    Ricki Member

    Hi! Try GlucoGel, it tastes horrible but works fast and is good if levels have dropped very low. GlucoGel is only available on prescription so ask your Doctor.
  8. odd_sock

    odd_sock Full Member

    I swear by jelly babies, 5 jelly babies and my sugar levels are back up where they need to be and find I don't need a carby snack after to prevent levels dropping back down again which I do with Lucazade x
  9. michmick

    michmick Slimmer for Cornwall

    I use glucotabs. Had a bad experience with lucozade and hate the stuff now! If I carried jelly babies with me all the time, I'd eat them!
  10. p4paul

    p4paul Full Member

    I find 4 or 5 jelly babies do the trick.
  11. CaptainOrla

    CaptainOrla Just Me!

    I was having 200ml of Lucozade and 1 slice of toast. But I found that my sugars were sky high at my next meal.

    What's been working for me lately is a slice of toast, 200ml low fat milk and I have a small amount of insulin. My blood sugars are then normal for my next meal!
  12. *Claire-Bear*

    *Claire-Bear* Gold Member

    I swear by carrying a little bag of sweets with me ... i sometimes sneak a few but you need to remember that if you did eat them, you would get caught short if you was to hypo ..... i hate hypos !!!!
  13. Petrichor

    Petrichor Member

    hypos are so inconvenient and such an obstruction to dieting!

    3 jelly babies is the new fave of the DSN's around here :) and no need for anything carby afterwards :)

    I must admit that I do sometimes feel the need to eat something, like i cant quite control it, but I always bolus the exact amount of carbs over and above the 3 jelly babies.

    I have to put them into the tiny kids lunchbox plastic bags, so i dont eat the pack! you can fit about 5 in them :)
  14. bellybling

    bellybling Full Member

    I just had my first one for ages. I have jelly beans followed by a couple of oatcakes. I find I cannot drink when hypoing so lucozade just dribbles down my chin, most becoming.

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