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hypothyroidism ?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by soule, 4 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. soule

    soule Full Member

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    Hi Just wondering if anyone has Hypothyroidism that is doing CD. I found out i had it about 6 months ago but apart from taking a pill a day have'nt really gave it any thought. My Doc signed forms no probs but i have just read that it is very hard to loose weight while you have it. So far i'm doing o.k but i am interested to see if others with it have been succesful in losing weight. I have about another 6 stone to go. Thanks Jo x x x
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  3. spannerpan

    spannerpan Full Member

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    HI Megamax

    I don't have any thyroid problems but looking at your ticker you seem to be doing really really well with big losses.

    I don't think it is harder to loose weight once your thyroid is treated as you should have a normal metabolism now with your meds. I think it is just if undiagnosed you can put on weight as you burn calories so slowly.
  4. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

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    I had a lady on medication for her thyroid, it was a while ago but I was told she couldn't start SS until she had regular check on her blood to get the levels right (over months).
  5. Redpam

    Redpam Living the Life

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    I have 3 clients with thyroid problems and they have had not problems with losing weight. You are losing very well. The diet works very well as long as you stick to it and you obviously are. So don't worry
  6. Manachina

    Manachina Full Member

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    Hi Meg, I've just had a check up (2 weeks ago) which appointed that I have Hypothyroidism. I startyed my CD journey on December 26, and before starting had a check up that showed nothing.
    I live in China so I don't have a CD counselor, ( that's the reason every month I do a check up), I am doing my CD on my own inspired by another minimins member who also lives in China....
    Anyways my doc and my nurse sister both said it could be that being overweight for soooo long my thyroid is now adjusting to the changes, in my case it shows a very lower percentage, so he also thinks I migth be going into menopause.......Ï'm only 42..... so we decided to wait with the hormones
    to see if my weigth loss would stop. I am happy to say that it has not..........I lost already 12.5 Kilos.
    So talk to your Counselor and see what she/he thinks. It is working for me.......maybe your body is just adjusting too.......DON'T GIVE UP,THINK POSITIVE AND KEEP GOING.........
  7. Lilly

    Lilly Full Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    My sister been doing is same as me, she takes thyroxin. She's lost 2.5 stone and just hit a plataeu at 11 stone. She's lost well and just staying with it.
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