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Hypoxi trainer and inch loss

Hi All,
I have been reading about Universal Contour QWraps again and thought I should share with you what I am doing. It is called hypoxi training, and my local gym do it for me. It sounds strange but it is working!

basically, there are 2 forms- the one I am doinf focusses on bum and thighs- you sit in what looks like a motorcycle side car with a big rubber skirt around you that forms a tight seal- so your top half is 'outside' and your lower half is seald in. The machine then intermittently applies a vacuum to your lower half while you gently cycle away. The vacuum is the equivalent strength of diving to 2000 metres, although you hardly feel it. You do this for half an hour while pedalling and drinking loads of water. I have not had my measurements yet (half way through 12 treatments), but I know I have lost a lot from my legs!

They take lots of measurments beforehand, and will measure me at the end too, so I'll give you the inch loss when I'm finished- in about 3 weeks.

Science bit now: The vacuum draws your blood into the areas with the biggest muscle within the vacuum- in this case thighs and bum. The increased blood flow helps break down fat and because of the intensity of the blood flow this process goes on for mnay hors afterwards. This can help with toning, but also with weight loss, and inch loss is guaranteed. One woman I know who is at the same gym and was already stick thin (she has an oriental heritage and barely an ounce of fat on her) has lost 35 inches from across her body after 18 treatments.

It is highly supervised- you have to do a medical questionnaire beforehand and they tell you what to eat before (some carbs like a banana-obviously not an option on VLCD) and some light protein afterwards e.g. some chicken, fish or an omelette. You also wear a heart monitor throughout and they set a maximum for your heart rate based on your weight and general health. You absolutely MUST NOT exercise afterwards, and this could put a strain on your heart.

The other option is to get on a treadmill with what looks like a cut off diving suit on around your tummy if you want your tummy toned- think I will try that one next!

I don't think its very widely available and the cost is high £250 for 12 sessions, but actually I think I trust this more than the UCW option.

See link here Hypoxi therapy a natural effective alternative to surgery for cellulite and unwanted fat

This has a good pedigree- hypoxic training is what athletes do to prepare themselves for competing at altitude and it has been developed by sports scientists and biomechanics
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I can do this.
Hi Kathy, it sounds good, u'll have to let us know how u get on.
hey, i just saw this thread so thought id post as im also trying the hypoxi trainer in Reading, Berkshire and i have to say after two weeks im amazed with results!! The inch loss and skin improvement has been really noticeable and yes its a bit costly but i really believe the money has very well spent. I still have two more weeks to go so will let you know the full result, but if anyones thinking about it then i definitely recommend it :)


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I took the plunge and booked a course of 15 Hypoxi sessions today to focus on reducing my bum and thighs. I start on Saturday and will be doing three 30-minute sessions per week.

I'll only be able to do 12 sessions before my holiday at the end of June so will do the other 3 sessions after I get back.

I'm a complete exercise phobic but this course definitely isn't cheap so I'm going to make sure I get my money's worth - and hopefully lose a few inches from my (still ample) derriere at the same time :)


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Oh Wow Sharon good for you! Please come back and let us know what you think of it and what the results are like.

Mind you I dont think there is much wrong with your derriere.

Ample? My ar*se!



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S: 18st11lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st7lb(34.6%)
Thanks Jac - I will :D

I'm really rather excited about starting the course as the reports I've read about Hypoxi training so far all seem very positive. If not in terms of weightloss, at least for firming and toning the problem areas (and, believe me, they ARE problem areas. Clothes can hide a multitude of sins ;))

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