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I am a bad, bad girl : (


is loving the soup?!
I know how you feel rachel. I had mine on all day yesterday. Blooming Freezing. I even bought myself an extra fluffy, extra warm dressing gown from Asda as well. Keep busy if you can, it will help keep you warm.
Lynne x
Lol, I refuse to put the heating on. Instead, my OH and I layer up and we both look fatter than we were before starting LT! We spent last year without any central heating, so we're used to the cold but this is getting ridiculous. We're going to get an Electric Blanket for the bed tonight after WI as our weekly 'treat'!!!!!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
You had me worried then! When you read a thread title like that on this forum, it only usually means one thing! :)

It has been rather chilly during the evenings down in the lovely south west, but I have resisted the urge by using my lovely fleece blanket to keep me warm!


is loving the soup?!
Lol @ your treat! We were going to try and do this year with no central heating at all but we caved lol! We seem to use it a lot less than most people as a rule but I am so cold on LT!
Anyway...how are you Laura? How's work? Looking forward to tonight?


Mad as a Hatter
We only have the heating on for 1 hour each morning to dry the towels after we have had our showers but other than that, it's been off since the summer... although last night when I put the boys to bed, it felt really cold in their bedrooms, so might have to have it on for a little while in the evening as well. NOT GOOD !
Im really looking forward to tonight. Only thing is my pharm weighs us in kgs and uses a chart to covert to stones and pound and approximates it! Last week I was 11st 13.5lbs and he rounded it up and said I was 12stone...well upsetting, I was so desperate to be in the 11's officially!


is loving the soup?!
Medea lol I didn't think of that! Though leaving the wonderful land of ketosis would probably help me warm up a bit... ; )
Lol we've had it on for ages now! And I layer too, oh the wonderful world of ketosis! ;)
Rachel -I thought you'd eaten! Dont do that again! ;)

We have no oil so we've ben burning the heater in the living room, especially after the kids baths and that. Our electricity is beserk with the heater and tumble dryer constantly on -cant wait til we get oil!! (just a coupla weeks now! YAY!!)


is loving the soup?!
Princessofpower that is annoying, but YOU know you were in the 11s...and will be well into them tonight!!


is loving the soup?!
BlackRose...I used to hate waiting for oil (or rather, waiting till I scraped together the cash for it). We have gas now x
oh I dream of gas! (eh? doesn't sound right lol)


is loving the soup?!
lol not on this diet!
no no no -not on this diet lol -I'd be too afraid to squeeze one out in case it's more...'solid' than intended :D :D


is loving the soup?!
aaaieeee nasty yet so true
PMSL -The body -a beautiful yet horribly disgusting thing lol
I read this thread thinking it would be somthing else...if you catch my drift haha
but yeah it is really cold recently
had to put the heating on lastnight cause my toes were dropping off hehe
tonight if its the same, just layer up the clothes :D
BED SOCKS!!! Do not underestimate the wonder of bed socks! Fleecy feet shaped pieces of heaven I tell you!

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