I am back!!!!!


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:wave_cry: Hi everyone!!!
I started in December and was dong really well (well, I lost half a stone in three weeks) I decided to take Christmas Day and Boxing day off :mad: bad idea!!!!!
I ve not been back on track but just eat like a mad woman.
I am even heavier than when I started :sigh:
But I am back on track on and determined to loose this 3 stone (hopefully by middle of May)
Last time I came on here there was mention of muller lights having a syn value :eek: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has this happened or are they still free?
Thanks everyone x
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Welcome back xx

Muller Lights are still free (except the cherry layered and lemon cheesecake ones). xx


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Welcome back......I've also struggled getting back on track. But have finally regained control too.

Hope all goes well :) xx


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Thanks!! I think I am eating too much though (free food that is) I do extra easy and just love home made chips with whatever!!!! yum yum!!


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I thought you were able to eat all the free food that you want. I started slimming world here in the United States in November. So, I am just a little confused. How can you be eating too much free food?



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You can have as much free food as you want, but they recommend, on the extra easy plan at least, that we have 1/3 superfree foods (ie fruit and veg) to acheive the best losses possible! I'm having tons of potatoes in various forms and I'm pretty pleased with my losses so far! Not always fantastic ones, but averaging just over 1.5lb per week! Good luck, you'll do it this time with that determination and positive attitude!X


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Welcome back and good luck with your weight loss.