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I am back!


Must try harder!!
Hi everyone,

I am not sure if you will remember me?

I was last here back in March/April.

I was doing fantastically on CD but I had some serious deterioration in an ongoing health problem and I have spent a considerable time in Hospital and at home very poorly.

Maybe people who do remember me will know I had a spinal injury which caused me chronic pain everyday.
Well the situation got so much worse and now I have been told my spine is in fact crumbling and now I face permanent disability.
However, I am doing that just the same as I do most things with a big smile and lots of positivity.

I now need to lose weight not only to look and feel good but also because the prospect of hauling myself around in a wheelchair makes my arms shudder at the thought!
So, I am back and going to give it a go trying to climb back on the cd slimming wagon.
Fortunately since stopping the CD in April I have not put back any weight that I had lost.
I have managed to fluctuate and today weigh exactly as i did at my last weigh in.
Which is great!

So I hope you are all going well still and hopefully I can come back and join the gang again?
Is there any room for a slightly smaller one??

Take care and its great to be back!
Not so sure Im going to be saying that at the end of today or tomorrow though!
But got to keep trying!

Samantha xx
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Wants to be a loser!
Hey Lady

Welcome back and congratulations on maintaining your weight while going through what sounds like an extremely stressful few months.

Sorry to hear about your health deteriorating -but it sounds like you are doing the best thing possible and trying to stay as positive as you can. Also surely losing weight can only help your spine?

Good to have you back and good luck with the first few days - you have already proved you can do it once so I am sure you will be wowing our socks off next week with your WI results.

Take care xx


Serial Foodie!
welcome back! well done on maintaining ur weight as well! thats really hard to do so be chuffed with urself :D



Full Member
hi sam welcome back, sorry to hear about ur health u have got the right attitude to stay positive! good on ya for coming back and trying ss again we are all here for support goodluck with ur re-start xx


Must try harder!!
Day 3

Day 3 and still doing ok!
Have had the normal headaches and the naughty chatterbox in my head telling me that twix ice cream bars are allowed!!
But so far so good,
I have not yet caved in...
thanks for your words of support welcoming me back!!
Since my last time on the plan in March/April 2007 has anything changed flavourwise?
No new products??



Wants to be a loser!
Glad to hear that things are going well for you so far.

No new products although you have probably noticed the prices have gone up :sigh:. Mind you they have changed the consistency of the cranberry bar and it is now less crunchy than before - shame really as I liked the "old" version better. Whatever the consistency though I love the cranberry bars truly madly and deeply... dare I say it ...... I think I might love them more than my old favorite choccy bars caramac and dime :eek:.

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