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I am confused....

Yesterday was my 2nd Wedding Annervirsary. My husband and I parted earlier this year which breaks my heart every second of every day.
I still miss him, love him and think about him. We tried counselling, living apart but we failed.
I started Lipotrim 2 weeks ago but gave in last night. As I had felt down and tearful all day I just wanted something to make me feel better so I went for the food. :break_diet:
Now today, I feel lost. I am not sure whether I am on the diet or not? I have stomach pains from the eating last night, but have had 2 shakes and nothing other than water and black coffee. I should have had my 2nd WI today but could not face going. Tomorrow I either have to go as will have no shakes left or pack it in.
I feel confused:cry:
If I don't carry on with it I would like to tell you all that you have been wonderful and your support has amazing.
Trish x
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a new way of living!
oh trish sorry you are feeling low.

you have done really well so far so why dont you give it another try? go to wi, get some more packs and give it a few weeks and see how you get on.

losing weight will prob improve your self esteem and general happiness, just put yesterday down to experience and move on.

you need to focus on yourself right now, do something for yourself, getting healthy will put you on a great foothold for the rest of your life, with or without a man there. i know how you feel and from this side it is easier to say...

but go on - give it another go, you prob have not done too much damage anyway.

hugs xxx
Aw trish, so sorry to hear you are feeling so down. It is totally your decision what you do, but i am sure you will have still lost weight even though you caved last night. Is it not worth going to get weighed in the morning? Maybe seeing the weight come off will give you the motivation to carry on.
Don't forget we are all here for you when you feel down - it's not all just about the diet! xxx


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I guess you have to cope how you feel you can.. Right now I'd think of you, however hard that sounds... and however hard dieting sounds.... when you're over this (it won't be easy) just think how much better you'll feel when you come out of the other side having achieved your weight loss as well.

But, don't beat yourself up about it, it's difficult, life gets in the way and you have to do whatever gets you through. I've been through divorce and it's hard and it's tough but life does go on so just treat each day as a new opportunity to do something..... good luck hun. x
trish im sorry your feeling down and obviously you felt sad and reacted like so many of us do but please remember why you wanted to lose weight and go and get your packs you will still have lost something even with blip i did this wk and i had more than one blip.please come on and let us know how your doing whether you go packs or not lesley x
I can understand how you feel on such a tough anniversary, but if you can put your brief indulgence behind you and keep going you might feel a lot better in yourself. Keep chatting on here so you can all kinds of support. I'm sorry you feel so low, but whatever you decide you have loads of caring people to chat with here xxx


Gonna be slim again
Trish Dont you dare cave in now!
Be Determined to use this 2nd anniversary positively; Set your goals by it. Say by the time your 3rd comes along, you'll be skinny and he wont resist!! :giveup:(((ALERT - Insider information))))-(He cant he's a bloke,trust me) And dont forget you've always got us fellas on here to wolf whistle ya:whistle:
Trish I replied to your PM before I read this post.

Go and see Mae and talk things over with her.

I'm here and I'll be near the chemists somewhere all day and I'm happy to be there for you.

You decided to start LT for a reason, has that reason changed? If it hasn't then what have you got to lose by continuing? Think of what you will gain, a fab new bod and lots of confidence, what man can resist?

My friend is in the same boat as you and she lost weight coz she wanted him to see what he was missing and feels fantastic now she is in a size 12.

You can do this and we will help anyway we can.

Good luck babe, I'm always here for you.

Thank you!

Oh wow, thanks so much all of you for your support!
I went and got weighed today and am back on track now :eek:
This diet is the hardest thing I have done and really hope I have the strength to see it through.
You are all amazing people, and thanks again for your support :)
Trish x


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Oh great to hear that you're back on track Trish, I was watching your thread and wondered how it went. Well done!!
before you know it you'll be gorgeous!!
Oh great to hear that you're back on track Trish, I was watching your thread and wondered how it went. Well done!!
before you know it you'll be gorgeous!!
Hi Cathy!
Thanks so much, am glad that I have decided to carry on. You have done really well with your weight loss, will following in your foot steps, fingers crossed! :)
Trish x
Glad to hear your feeling a bit better and are back on track....you can do it hun xx
Well done Trish, I'm really proud of you.



a new way of living!
we are behind you all the way! and always here if you need us xx
Well done Trish for standing up and dusting yourself down! You must have great strength inside you to get back on LT after feeling so low. Think of starting LT as a new start to becoming a new you. It's really sad what has happened with your marriage, but you will get through it and by the end of this diet you will look in the mirror and see and brand new happy person looking back!!

Good luck hun xxxx

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