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I am disappointing

i am a bit depressed as every day after coming back from my work iam eating one bite from kids left over:eek:
i promised to my self that today i amnot going to repeat it but by the time i reached home i was so hungry and cravingi had again 2 bites of home made chicken ...............
i am really disappointed ,am i ruining my ketosis
can any body give me any suggestion plzzzz:cry:
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Hi Warrior,sorry to hear your feeling so down. Are you drinking enough water? You know what you are doing wrong and therefore need to break the habit,but you know that and don't need a lecture from me. Perhaps try a different routine to break the habit once you get home. Focus on something or try and log onto minimins when you get the urge. Sorry i'm not much help but keep strong and think of why you are on LT in the first place. How about putting a picture of yourself up on the fridge and look at it every time you get the urge and imagine what it will be like to be at your goal weight and what your are most looking forward to once your LT journey is complete.

mrs bee

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Can you make a shake as soon as you get in? Or have one on the way home?It may supress the urge a little! x
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Was it just plain chicken? Hopefully it wont take you out of ketosis, they say if you get really hungry you can eat a small bit of white chicken in the evening... dont worry warrior, chin up!!!
How long have you been on lipotrim? If its only a few days you might not have reached or have stopped yourself going into ketosis by picking at food. You need to try and persevere with no pickings until you reach ketosis then you wont feel the hunger hun. I know easier said than done sometimes, but if you can do it, when you are in ketosis you wont feel hungry. Good luck.
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If you are having cravings like this why dont ya split your three shakes into 6 so therefore when ya are making the kids tea ya can have one of your shakes and lots of water! I think ya have to really get yourself in the right frame of mind with this diet and any pickings no matter how small and often they are unfortunately going to take ya out of ketosis unless ya are one of the lucky few. When is your wi? If its not for a few days ya still have enough time to kick the habit so to speak and start afresh.

blue eyes

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Good advice Miss Unknown. XX


I will be skinny again!!!
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Yep I agree..

It is a hard diet, but if you pick you will end up gaving more and more and then suddenly your off the band wagon and it will be sooo much hard to restart than to start from scratch!!

Good luck chick


One last chance
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Water is your best friend on LT. To surpress your cravings or hunger pains, drink water. If you feel like cheating, drink water. You're still on your first week, so you probably haven't hit ketosis yet, that could be why you're feeling so hungry.

From now, don't feel sorry for yourself, whats done is done and you can't change that. Just bring yourself back on the wagon and start chugging down the water.

Why don't you set yourself a time scheme of when you are going to a have your shakes? every time I come back from college, I have a shake straight away. How are you drinking your shakes btw? you should try drinking it with a spoon or a straw, straw is best since you can take a sip at a time. Fills you up quicker too.

We're all here for you, so if your feeling down or want to cheat or something, sign on and keep a bottle of water near by :).

Good luck hun xxx.

John F

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The more you eat, the *worse* you're making it for yourself. Remember that the next time you are reaching for some.
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I have the same temptation in the evening as i collect kids after day at work then we all go home - kids hungry, me hungry and i have to get stuck into cooking dinner.

It nearly drove me insane with cravings at first but i made myself a coffee just before i started the dinner and kept sipping at it while i was cooking and that seems to have stopped me picking.

If i am feeling really hungry i just make my shake and sip that instead.
many thanks

many many thanks i wil try to make shake as soon i reach home today
i am on my second week wi on sat. i hav checked my wt. i only lost 2 pounds, it just iam so brilliant during the day, but actually its not hunger pain its craving seeing lovely food aroung and irresistable drive eto put one small piece in mouth
i really find your advice useful will follow today and tell you guys
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All the best warrior and log on here if ya feel the need to pick at anything, gud luck
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