I am in shock and distressed.


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After a long, long day which started at 4.30a.m. this morning, and seeing to our elderly friend, getting to work for 7.30a.m it was such a relief when we got home at 4p.m. when my DH said he would go to elderly friend and sort her out.
I went on to our stable yard to muck out and put horses to bed and feed them. Relaxing hard work, work I enjoy. 4 of our 7 dogs went with me.
My neighbours have 4 dogs. One of them is a miniature Yorkshire terrier. I have told my neighbour over and over again that their little dog escapes onto our land and how concerned I am about it.
Well this afternoon it happened. It came down onto our land and my 4 tiddlers attacked it. I managed to get hold of it. It bit me as it was in shock................so was I.
I put it in it's kennel and rang my neighbours as they could not hear me shouting them. I was convinced the little thing was dead.
They have just phoned from the vets. It has a cut paw and is having x rays. I still think it has been seriously hurt.
I am so upset. I really am in shock but worse than that it bit me on my left hand. I was operated on for breast cancer on my left hand side and have absolutely no lymph glands on the left. They have all been removed. Consequently my left arm and hand can not cope with any trauma and the result is a condition called lymphoma.
For 7 years I have managed to avoid any serious injury. My hand and fingers are swelling and if it gets any worse DH will have to take me to emergencies. I do not want to end up wearing a compression sleeve.
Most of all I want little dog to be o.k. I think that at last I have cracked. I am shaking whilst typing this and hope that by getting it off my chest I might just calm down.
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Oh hunny *hugs* so sorry to hear that. What a traumaic time for you. Hope both you and the little dog is OK. *More hugs*


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You do the right thing Sue - you've every right to be angry - especially as you had already advised the neighbours of this etc.

Hopefully it all works out for the best - those terriers are tough little scamps and hopefully you are a toughie too.

Everything crossed for you!



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Oh Sue, I can easily imagine that you never gave a potential injury a 2nd thought - you were simply reacting and trying to save the little dog. I'm not in the lymphodema world and hopefully won't be (only 5 nodes removed), but I've read so many posts on the BCC website to know that it's dreadfully painful and you've got to really work to keep on top of it. I'm so sorry and hope that you will go straight to A&E to get help soonest as it may help you long term. {{{{{hugs & best wishes}}}}}
Chris xx


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Oh dear. That sounds really upsetting, my mom's dog was attacked while she was walking him and it really shook her up too. They can be so relentless and impossible to stop!

They're also a lot tougher than you think, thank God it was only a paw and not its neck or anywhere vital. I'm sure you'll have a legal case against them. First thing I'd do is call the police to report your own injuries.


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Goodness, I really don't know what to say so will send you very best wishes and hope that you and the dogs are ok and that this trauma will soon be behind you. Big hugs xxx


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I don't know what to say, other than look after yourself AND i think those neighbours need a serious talking to, when you are calm. I think I'd be telling them that they keep their little rat dog under control or I won't be rescuing it, but that's me and even though I am a huge animal lover I think people should take some farking responsibility!

I am sending huge hugs and righteous indignation your way. *huggles*

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Oh Sue, so sorry to hear about your awful experience. I really hope that YOU are ok & the little doggy gets better.

You always think of others & your animals, think of yourself for once & go to hospital

Take care & loads of {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} on the way XX

Margery Dawe

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Hugs, hugs and more hugs xxxxxx


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My neighbours have just phoned from the vets. They do not have the results of the x rays yet but wanted to let us know that tomorrow morning all the gaps in the fencing will be repaired. Thank Goodness !!!
What a shame all this had to happen before they have done something about it.

The swelling in my hand is going down. With luck I have got away with it yet again. Just want the dog to be o.k. now.

I get so angry with people at times.My neighbours are very comfortably off. They bought the plot of land from us .They are busy building a posh extension at present but could not spend a few euros on securing their fencing and ensuring the safety of their dogs.


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Madness that they had to let things come to this before doing anything about it... Some people honestly. Really hope your hand gets better Sue, and that the little dog is ok. ((((Big Hugs)))) X


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So sorry to hear about your bad day Sue. Big hugs.

I hope your hand gets better. Have you got antibiotics for the bite ?

Gail x


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I hope that your arm is ok this morning and that you feel a little less upset xx


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I hope that your arm is ok this morning and that you feel a little less upset xx

Thank you everyone.

I feel awful this morning but I think that is just sheer exhaustion . I feel weepy and a bit unwell.
We treated my hand with iodine and a bag of frozen peas lol !!! I can not get my wedding ring on this morning so will keep my eye on the situation.

Dogs are wonderful creatures.

This morning my little Jack Russell, who was given to me as a get well present during my chemo, will not leave me. He is on my knee now whilst I am typing this. I shall take him with me when I go to see to the old lady. The will both enjoy that.


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Sorry to hear of the trauma Sue. Take it easy today. Yorkies can be a beggar at the best of times, and I am not surprised that yours went for him. Right tempremental so-and-so's they are, especially if they haven't been neutered.

My Minx-in-law's cousin, (now deceased) had a yorkie that she treated better than she looked after herself, but she would NEVER bath him because she was scared of him. She used to get a grooming service to do him - who used to muzzle him, he had been a stud dog and was ridiculously aggressive to pretty much everyone except my DH, who he had an overwhelming passion for the leg of.

She eventually became housebound and was unable to take him to the grooming place, and after a fall we ended up looking after him for a few weeks. When I saw him, he was so filthy and matted I decided that it was time he saw some hot water and soap and a brush. Let's just say he wasnt best pleased throughout the whole experience, although I was very dominant with him so he knew not to mess me about, he just grumbled a lot, and tried to snap at me (but I had the common sense to keep his head pointing the other way) but he was ever so grateful afterwards and was never quite as grumpy around me again.

I hope your neighbours dog is ok, I am sure he will be. And at least it has caused the fence issue to get resolved quickly. Every cloud...



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Sending you my very best wishes Sue. I do hope you recover quickly. xxx

I am fine now Jay and thanks. Still absolutely exhausted but feeling so much better. I think it was just reaction.

Minxie, you are so right about Yorkies, well at least this one. It has a really nasty temperament. They will have to watch it when their baby is born in June.

Thank you to everyone who has posted on this thread.


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Glad to see you're okay now! Best wishes! x