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I am looking for an advise.

(Sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language, please bare with me)

hello everybody, this is my second post in these forums, as I've been struggling in some parts, and succeeded in some parts, I will tell you everything and any advise would be appreciated as I'm out of ideas now.

first of all I am 29 years old male. Few months ago I used to be heavy, Not fat. but I had some weight in me. in most parts of my body, so I started some program of my own, without any expert advise or anything, basicaly what i've done is to eat less, and run everyday, sounds fun and nice, I kept doing it and lost almost 20kg, used to weight 85 kg, and i'm 171cm tall. now I am weighting somewhere around 65 to 67kg. I look OK now, thin/slim in some parts of my body, feels good and I'm happy with it, I'm keeping on my exercise and on my food I'm eating less because my stomach has gone smaller. I feel full after eating just little of food now, not forcing myself to eat less, Just it turns out to be me, who eats little which is good too. and I keep on running 3/4 days a week, for a mile or two.

Here's the problem which I've struggle on, I remove my clothes and look at the mirror and what do I see, a fine thin arms/face/legs, but somewhat fat belly/middle(dont know its name) the thing thats to the right/left of the belly.

Thoose 2 areas aren't going away, its funny. My arms are really thin, so is my shoulders is so thin now, and my face is so thin, but my belly doesn't fit my body.

So I started doing so many pushups during my exercise when I go running/jogging, I make 100 pushups, guess what. It's not helping, and my belly are the same.

Please I need to some from you fitness people, What can I do? any specific program? Anything that I can eat/ not eat? help me to get my belly and the sides of my body thats around my Belly too (Don't know its name) I want that to get in shape too.

Any advise/suggestion would be appreciated!

Yours asbani.!:jelous:
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Hi Asbani,

I'm no expert, but I do take a keen interest in losing weight and body composition.
While your current height/weight give you a healthy BMI of around 22, there seems to be some lingering body fat that you want to get rid of.
The fact that you say you've restricted your food intake (calories) while spending a lot of time running suggests that you've managed to lose some muscle weight as well as fat, so while your height/weight ratio appears correct, your body composition might have changed so that you now have less muscle than you used to, and still retain some fat.

Furthermore, it's not possible to target specific areas of your body for fat loss - your body will lose fat from some areas and retain it in others for no apparent reason, so the only way to get rid of the fat in the areas around your belly and sides, or basically your torso, is to lower your overall bodyfat percentage (you can get this measured by a physician).
You will also want to build up some muscle mass in the areas where you are losing bodyfat to 'fill out' these parts.

There are loads of methods on the internet for doing this, but basically what you want to do is increase your calorie intake (more food) while keeping up the level of exercise, and adding in some resistance training (weights or bodyweight exercises). The food you take in should be mainly lean protein (chicken, fish etc) with some limited amounts of complex carbs (brown rice, wholemeal bread, sweet potatoes), fresh fruits and vegetables and some good fats (oily fish like mackerel, salmon etc, nuts, seeds, olives, avocados etc). This food should be consumed in about 5 or 6 small meals per day in order to keep your metabolism going quickly and your energy levels high.

Doing this, combined with resistance training should see the shape of your body start to change the way you want after 2-3 months or so.

Good luck, and remember, get more advice as I am not a qualified expert, just an enthusiast.
thanks alot man, this helped me alot, I'll start eating small meals and do my jogging plus going to a gym for building muscles, in fact I just came back from Gym for the first day and I feel great!! :)

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