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I am lucky because...(add yours!)


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I am lucky because I have a wonderful husband who is also doing LL and helping me through it.

I have faced a challenging weekend with lots of food on offer, and have been able to refuse it.

I have been sticking to the diet for a week and a half despite previously having no will power!

I have a very generous mother who is helping towards the costs of the first 8 weeks of the diet.

For the first time in a very very long time, I can really see myself reaching my goals, and feel positive about my future.

So, why are you lucky?
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Deb G

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I am lucky because....

I have finally succeeded in making myself on the outside, the person that I have always been on the inside...

I have a gorgeous slim new body that I am I dedicated to keeping....

I have the best hobby in the world (endurance riding) and the best horse (Malachy) to do it together with....

I have a great, challenging, rewarding job that pays well, I enjoy doing, AND fits in round my hobby...

I live in Cumbria, one of the most beautiful places in the country...

I've finally realised that I AM a worthwhile person!!! My self-esteem has rocketed....finally!
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I am lucky....

I have a supportive circle of friends and family around me

I have best friends that I have been friends with my entire life

I found the courage to face things I thought I could not change, and change them

I have a roof over my head, cloths on my back and food in my belly

Noone I know is in Iraq/Afghanistan

I have a willfull spirit

I am changing myself before it is too late

I have made some wonderful friends here

I love the rain and it rains here a lot

One day I get to move back to California and settle on our mountain that awaits us

Thats good for starters.


Hate it but doing it!
I am lucky because............

I have a small family that love me unconditionally

I love my family unconditionally

Because i have finally found the strength to allow myself to make changes and be happy

I have my health which is only going to get better

Hubster finally relented and allowed me to have pets who give me so much joy

Because i can laugh until i cry and not care how daft i look!

My brother has finally bought a house and has a girlfriend that loves him dearly

I have a job that i don't detest
I'm lucky because:

I was born in the 'west' in the 21st century, so don't have to fight for survival, education, healthcare and equality (well - a bit for equality ;0)

I have a loving family who brought me up believing I could achieve anything

I have a great boyfriend whom I love and who loves me

I have wonderful friends who watch my back, make me laugh and amaze me with their wisdom

I have a fantastic job that rewards me in other ways than financial

I have an inquisitive mind, sharp wit and sunny disposition

I have sky plus.... sorry. But I do love it so..

Lots of reasons why I'm lucky and lots of things to be grateful for. Thanks for starting this post!
Im lucky..
  • Because i know how hard life can be, and that makes me fully appriciate life..
  • I have a fantastic mum who supports me in whatever i do..
  • Next year I shall be skinny.. And no one can ever take that away from me..
  • I have fantastic abilities.. not just in education. but in life..
  • Because i know i cant spell.. and i dont let me bother me.. lol..
  • Because i have a lot of fantastic memories in my head.. and they're just mine..
  • Because i come from the most beautiful.. fantastic.. magical place ever.. (to me anyways)..
  • Because im a member of minimins.. and get to meet wonderful beautiful people.. which makes me glad.. (or feel lucky) i was fat.. Sorry.. am..
I am lucky because I have 5 beautiful daughters, and 5 beautiful grandchilden.

I have a lovely husband whom if I cloned would be worth a fortune. He is extremely fit and looks like Cliff Richard and can sing just as good, if not better.

I have fulfilled my dream with horses, and been extrememly successful at it.

I am comfortably off, and dont want for anything (at the mo whilst we are still working anyway)

I have found this thing called LIGHTERLIFE.

I have a wicked sense of humour.

I carry my age extremenly well, especially on the telephone:D:D

My health is improving with every 1lb I lose.

I am lucky enough to be looking forward to being 60 this year, cant wait. Free bus pass, prescriptions etc and pay no more NI stamp.

I am going back to Egypt for my holiday again this year whoooopeeeee

I am lucky to have made such wonderful supportive friends who help me on my journey.

AND most of all.

I am alive.
I am lucky because:

  • I don't want for anything
  • I am healthy
  • I am happy
  • I have a truly wonderful family. We love eachother to death
  • I have the bestest friends in the whole world
  • I am free
  • I have stuck to LighterLife to the letter & lost weight
  • I have Minimins for when the going gets tough
Thank you for starting this thread. It gets you thinking in a really positive way. Great start to the day!!


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I am lucky because:
  • I found lighterlife when I am still young enough to make the most of the rest of my life but old enough to appreciate it. (I don't think I could have done this when I was younger, even though I needed it).
  • I have a lovely husband who supports me in anything I do.
  • I have a beautiful, happy, healthy little girl, for which I am grateful for every day.
  • I have a lovely family, and every one of them has been totally positive about me doing LL.
  • I have my health (which is now much improved)
  • I don't ache any more.
  • We have a lovely home, which we have worked hard for, but still feel we aren't grown up enough for yet :D
  • I have been lucky enough to be able to take time off to take care of my daughter until she goes to school.
  • I am lucky enough to be able to get back to work this year ;).
  • I have a pair of size 10 jeans that I can get on without laying on the bed and zipping them with a coat hanger.
  • I have made a whole bunch of new friends, on minimins and in my LL group.
Ooooopssssss I am UNLUCKY because I cant count I only have FOUR daughters. :D:D:D:D:D

Perhaps the senile dementia is kicking in already:eek:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I am lucky because......I have just found out this week that I am being funded by the NHS for a tummy tuck and arm lift & I cant wipe the smile off my face :)
I am very lucky because
  • I am happily married to a lovely man :cupid:
  • I have close friends and family around me :gen126:
  • I found Lighter Life at just the right time in my life:scale:
  • I am healthy and able to work on getting fit :character00116:
  • It's week 5 of RtM and I am allowed to have alcohol!! :D


One Day at a Time
Wow I LOVE this thread...

I am lucky because...

  • I have a honest, faithful, thoughful and generous husband who loves me
  • I have a happy, healthy, active, mischevious three year old son
  • I have a supportive Mum who I owe so much too and will always be grateful for
  • Thanks to LL and CD I am now healthy
  • Through LL and CD I have found MYSELF, the person who was too embarrassed to be noticed
  • Thanks to LL I have found the two best friends I always thought I should have had but for some reason never did and I love them
  • I'm going to Mexico with the above mentioned LL/CD diet queens in March on my first ever girly beach holiday (I'm 28)
  • We may not own our own home, we may not drive flashy new cars, but we earn enough money to have a nice house filled with nice things and send our son to a good nursery school.
I am lucky because I am married to my best friend
I am lucky because I have a beautiful little boy who lights my life
I am lucky because I have wonderful siblings who give me strength
I am lucky because I am loved
I am lucky because I have a beautiful view from my kitchen window
I am lucky because I am on the road towards my dreams
I am lucky because I found Minimims!
I am lucky because I'm still alive.
I have never really experienced real drama in my life.
My family is safe and sound.
I have real good friends.
I finally found who I am.

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