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I am new :-)

Hi all
very new to all this,started on the new regime on Thursday morning and am amazed at how well I have coped so far even though its early days
Just wondered how do I know when I am in ketosis? (prob not the right name lol )
Have never tried this diet before so really not sure what to expect weight loss wise etc,have found the drinks much better than I was expecting,especially strawberry and chocolate,any advice from any who have been on this a while? :)
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you'll get a funny tase in your mouth... I have it right now writing this lol.... its erm....... weird... sort of a sour taste? bit 'rancid' almost?
I find the shakes hard to drink, I dunno why lol but I find if i chill them in the freezer for 10mins after making them up they taste alright :)

I havent tried strawberry yet, I did have the vanillia before which was alright if not alittle boring.....
I have had that all day lol but is it too early to be getting that after such a short time? Only info i could find in the leaflets i was given was that it starts once your body has used up its sugar supply.
Are you male or female? lol active or lazy?

It all has an effect :p

If you're really curious you can pick up a pack of ketostix (urine testing strips) for 6 pounds on a certain online auction website.....
I am def female lol and believe it or not very active,i go to spinning classes 3 times a week and am in the gym couple of evenings a week but i have an under active thyroid and have struggled with my weight since that was diagnosed 14 years ago,my bp has been steadily rising the last few weeks hence the need to get some weight off and my lovely doc thought this could be the way to go so i am trusting him and going for it,would love to lose about 4st and get back to my pre thyroid rubbish size but i am going to be realistic and will be ecstatic if i can drop 2st

got to say i found the vanilla the least tasty,thinking of trying the coffee trick,i have also found it easier to drink them through a straw, don't know why it just doesn't seem so bad lol
Hmmmmm I shall try the straw :)

Cz I REALLY dont like the taste of the lipotrim shakes.

But I know after a week or two I wont taste anything lol
Maybe loosing weight with help with the underactive thyroid??
Using the straw def helped me so give it a go :)
i want to feel good about myself again so hopefully this regime will get me on the road to that,if i see a good loss at my 1st weigh in that will def spur me on :)
I found Im much more motivated to loose weight because of my recent poor health rather than my poor body image. So hopefully nothing will come between me and my goal :D


Back on the diet train...
hey hunny and welcome to the site. pop on here if u need advice, a chat or a moan!!! ;)

every1 varies wiv gettin 2 ketosis but usually day 4-5 tho sum av bin longer. u will av a funny taste in ur mouth, 2 me its like i sucked on a penny. yack. u cud feel cold an u wont feel hungry. :p

the shakes r not the best but get em down u, u gota drink em in 15 mins after addin water as sum of the vitamins start 2 break down. i use a straw 2 drink mine an it makes em go down sooo much easier!!! :D. i also use cold water as i cnt stand em hot.

good luck on ur journey hun!!!


Hi Bex
thanks for the kind welcome and well done on your weight loss,i will be thrilled if i get results like that
feeling naff today so hoping it means things are starting to work.x


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I drink mine with a straw too but have to make them up with loads of ice so they resemble a mcd milk shake!!!

I love vanilla with coffee and a sweetner or chocolate the same way! Also chocolate made up with a pre-chilled peppermint tea is divine!! Loads of ice and blend til smooth in an electric blender! Yum!