I am new!


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I am going to be starting the CD on 4th Jan, and want to lose about 4.5 to 5 stones, so will be doing it for ages!! Is any one else starting around the same time? It would be great if we could give each other encouragement!
Also, I have a question... with the drinking so much water a day, i keep reading that you go to the bathroom a lot. at the moment i drink about 3 liters of water a day anyway, and don't go to the toilet that frequently (2 - 3 hours!) so would i need to up my water intake?
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Hello and welcome! What an exciting way to start the New Year and I am sure there will be plenty joining you. The minimum is 2.5 litres so 3 is fine but you may find you are thirsty and want to drink more.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!



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yes, i am so excited to start, also nervous. just want to know what it is going to be like, as i have been doing loads of reading and everyone says day 3 is hardest! hope it will alright though, if it is terrible i may just stay in bed all day (joys of being a student!)


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hey honey i'm new to this site. planning on starting CD in march once i've had my baby. for as long as i remember i've been telling everyone i'm gonna loose weight and be a size 8 but have failed constantly but i'm determined 2009 is there year i will do it. no excuses this time. will prob have 5stone to loose (had 3 stone to loose anyway plus baby weight etc)
i'm sure lots of people will be joining in january. good luck and i cant wait to join u in march!


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hi kateykat,
if you already drink 3 litres a day you dont have to have anymore, when people start CD and they have to drink more water they go to the loo a lot, but this is only for the first few days whilst your body is flushing out the stored water, it does wear off,
also i never found any day harder than the next, i didnt have headaches, nothing! i just got on with it, it does get really easy though, i have 4 children ( well my youngest is 3 months!) and i cook them their meals every day and it dosnt bother me one bit that i cant eat it,i lost 18lbs in my first 2 weeks and that feels better than any food!!!
good luck!!

yummymummy, you wont be able to start CD until may at least, your baby has to be 3 months old, or they wont accept you :(


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Hi, I'm starting cd on the 29th of december. It would be great to have some support from someone new as well as some more experienced cd'ers!!!

I have around 5 stone to lose but more importantly, to get the motivation to go and look for a wedding dress!!! I've put if off because i cant bear to look at the dresses but not be able to try them on:sigh:


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Hi everyone, i'm getting ready to start CD on 4th Jan too!! I have 4 stone to lose so i'm psyching myself up for the challenge! I've already swapped my cuppa 4 black coffee and i'm getting used to the water. Good luck to everybody, this is going to be the year that we all fine SUCCEED!!!! x