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I am obsessed!

I am just the same Littleblue- always checking this site, even between meetings at work, and spend my (short) lunchtime posting- better than eating!!

And I am sure that I am secretly called 'the diet bore'!
I know what you mean Little Blue, I think my partner is sick of hearing about LL, lol. I have a scales obsession as well. My scales have had more of a workout the last 5 weeks than they have had in a very long time.

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Hi Little Blue, I'm the same, the scales come out nearly every day, I'm checking this site daily, I'm craving acknowledgement from anyone that I've lost weight, I'm always asking my other half if my bum looks big in this, or do I look thinner.
I've been looking in my wardrobe to see what is going to fit next, I'm into all the diet & health magazines, I'm even calculating how much I might lose by my holiday.
At least we are consumed by this & not food, thats one good thing!
I didn't mention the "s" word, too ashamed. I know i shouldn't but I just can't help myself. I even use 2 different scales and weigh myself in lbs then kg (sad or what?)
Little Blue
I am a shocker! Whilst I'm not actually talking a lot about what I'm doing (decided when I started that I wouldn't do that), I am mentally *obsessing* over it!!! It pretty much consumes my every breathing moment! It's quite exhausting but I guess good to be obsessed about being healthier, slimmer and fitter?


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Little Blue, it's not just you :) I'm almost constantly thinking about it and planning the 'what if's' - what if I lose so much next week and so much the one after and what if I lose so much by the end..... I'm driving myself mad - but in a good way!

Yep beginning to think my poor hubby must be sick of hearing it too ... but hey I don't mind :)

Let me join this one too Little Blue.

As well as the scales, also weighing in Stones and KG, also talking to hubby mostly how dam great and in control I feel (most of the time). :blahblah:

Anybody who asks me are keen to know basically how hard is the diet etc.... I keep trotting out how it's letting me get to grips with my eating issues! I hope I don't fall off my soap box LOL! :fyi:


has started again!!
Me too, just the same! Not quite so obsessive re the scales, but only because mine are so unreliable!

I test my wee often, just to be sure, even tho I have never gone outside the plan. I am now obsessing about my clothes, and Steve has even told me to "Stop touching my bum" (Its as if I cant quite get my head round the fact it is getting smaller!)

I have just bought AWT's GI diet cookbook, and fully intend to us that principle as my future life of eating. I takl constantly about how I want to improve the family diet in general, and about how my clothes are too big or my newly bought whatevers that didnt fit last week, now do!!

Its great isnt it? Mind you, I dont do it at work anywhere near as much! I doubt the six year olds in the class would appreciate it!! LOL


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I am also obsessed by weightloss, I pop in here every evening, I talk about it to my hubby relelntlessly, I am lookng at clothes that are far too small for me, and even started buying size 10 clothes. My scales are used every morning and evening to make sure that I haven't put too much water on during the daytime. I use my ketostiks every morning and evening too
Me too - am on the scales every morning and evening without fail!!

Haven't really noticed any change in terms of clothes yet but hey only 2 weeks in!! Someone said to me today " have you lost weight" but I think they were just trying to be nice as not really noticing yet. I've talked my hubby into cutting down on his saturated fats. He is as slim as anything yet can eat whatever he wants.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! He has a habit of not eating most of the day and when he gets in from work stuffing his face with whatever he can get his hands on - usually sausage rolls and pork pies - dread to think what his cholesterol levels are!! He's seeing how much better I'm feeling and is thinking he should cut out the crap - not to lose weight but just health wise!! Think he'll be glad when I am back to conventional food again as I think it is guilt setting in!! ;)

Unfortunatley my Hubby gets it :)blahblah: ) all the time as he is the only one whos knows I'm on LL. Not told people in work as not ready for "Ohh its really bad for you". So poor Man's ears & mind must be going numb, very supportive though loads of compliments which make me feel greeat, I think if I had scales I would be on them constantly so they wne tin the bin just before I started LL.
hehe laughed at this! Everyone knows I'm on it - whether they like it or not!! I have stopped weighing myself daily but do it a couple of times a week as it can be discouraging and weigh first thing after a wee & before any water! That way I get an accurate reading as the water will affect how much you weigh. Just one thing...have people with body fat scales (bloody awful things!) noticed that even though you are loosing fat the % stays v much the same!! Apparently due to water & something to do with the current it sends round!
Have to say having the allotment is a huge help in doing something else and getting out of the house! Do people have any hobbies that distract them? If not may be an idea to think of trying one, although having said that I'm obsessed with my allotment!! Got a lovely tan & musces though & a great way of meeting more people & being sociable as when I was fat & depressed I also became quite isolated so its fab to feel me coming back! Sorry, will shut up now (me, me, me!!)


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Obssessed - YES :D

I want to watch programmes, read success stories, spend ages on Minimins......:eek:

I want to talk about weight loss and clothes, family and friends must think I am about the most boring creature around ! They say they understand because I have done so well so they know what a biggee this is for me.

But I think I must get a life some time soon !:D

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