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I am officially a nutter!!!!


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S: 13st0lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 4st1lb(31.32%)
..............on an average day to day basis I would say that I am quite a level, calm, normal person. However, when it comes to my weight I believe that I am a proper head case. I have yo-yo dieted all of my life and like most yo-yo dieters have managed to put more back on than I lose each time. I seem to always get to within a few pounds of my goal weight and my self destruct button goes off. I first just have the odd cheats here and there and eventually this turns into the fully fledged binges and the associated guilt that goes with them. I believe that this week my self destruct button went off and I had 2 days of eating just about anything I fancied but for whatever reason I have stopped and today I have been 100%. I have this fear though that I am not going to be able to stop next time and I will be right back where I started AGAIN!!!!! What is the matter with me and why can I not get this demon under control???? I love being thin and hate being fat so much, so why can't I control myself???? Like I say a proper NUTTER!!!!:cry:
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Inside every sane person there is a nutter screaming to get out. I am sure you will let your nutty side out again on occasion - but you have shown that the sane you can take control before too much damage is done. Treat this as a success story. The story isn't that you let loose for a wee while - everyone does that. The story is that you called a halt - and that makes you a success - well done, xxx.
I have no advice as I am EXACTLY the same - as I'm sure many many people on this forum are

Just wanted to let you know that you're not the only nutter in the asylum and to give you this



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S: 13st0lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 4st1lb(31.32%)
..............Thanks lass321 but what I think has actually happened is that my confidence has been shattered by repeated failures. I need to succeed once & for all. I am hoping this is the last time. xx
I think this aspect of our personality is much more prevailant on a VLCD. You do WW or SW and have an 'off day' chances are you can pull it back before wi and do some damage limitation.

A VLCD is such an all or nothing diet. Again on WW etc you have a craving, you can probably give into it to a degree and still stay on track. On a VLCD, you dont have that compromise, and then once youve 'blown it' and youre out of ketosis, I guess its natural to think 'Oh well Ive done this much I may as well have X before I get back on track'

Dont beat yourself up over it though, the past fews are in the past now and theyre done, focus on one day at a time, corny though it sounds, it really is the only way to get through this type of diet xx


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Im officially mental when it comes to food and dieting, I've been chubby... over weight.... under weight... healthy weight.... obese... as a teenager when I was very under weight, I used to actually enjoy the feeling of hunger, made me feel strong, in a crazy way! Got over that and ate healthy for a while, then I went to eating whatever I wanted, no matter the time of day or night, or if I was hungry. Made worse because where I was so skinny, people didnt realize it was from an eating disorder so would say things like "oh go on, have it, theres nothing of you anyway!" so have it I would! After all I was skinny... so I could right?! Wrong... I was skinny because I starved myself! I wasnt naturally skinny! A whole pizza at 10pm followed by sweets and ice cream! I was greedy with food as well... would look at the plates to see which had the most on, if there was bread or anything like that on the table, I would ram it in so I could get that extra slice before someone else ate it!

If I fall off the wagon I do it big style, then think oh well damage is done now... a bit more wont hurt! But then if Im being good... nothing will get me to cheat!

Im hoping that with this diet, its going to have changed my views on food. Its shown me that I can live on soup and shakes and 600cals a day and not feel weak or rubbish, its shown me that I can turn down cakes and chocolate. I dont need anywhere near the amount of food I ate before!

Once I get to goal (long way yet :( ) I think as well as I follow and low cal, low carb, low fat diet 90% of the time, the odd treat or meal out wont hurt, its just when the treats and bad stuff happen more often then your good that it becomes an issue!

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