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I am officially UNFIT!!

After all the debating on what to do for the best...gym, treadmill etc... finally treated myself to an elliptical cross trainer to use at home. :D

It arrived yesterday, and hubby had the job of carting it upstairs into spare bedroom and putting it all together. It took quick a while!!! :eek: :eek: and even longer to figure out where it plugged into the mains!! LOL

Finally at 10.30 pm I got to have a go. :) :) (by this time hubby had gone to bed as he was cream crackered just putting it together. :rolleyes: ).

23 mins later I was gasping and ready to keel over :D :D :D , but I did feel pleased with myself for having had a good start, clocking up a few km and burning a few calories.

Decided to do the "pulse test" on the trainer which tells you how fit you are after exercise and recovering. Kind of wish I hadnt. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D . Out of the rating of F0 - fit to F6 - unfit/poor...guess which one I came out ?????

Yep.... F6 :cry: :cry: :cry: and I thought I had been so good. !!!

Never mind, I felt better for doing some exercise. :) :) :) who cares what the machine says!! LOL

Deb x
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Hi Deb,

If you have not done exercise in a while it is best to work into it slowly but surely:)

I am using a 2 in 1 Cycle/Cross Trainer and I am finding if I can do five minutes at a time I am doing well, could only manage 3 minutes when I started on Sunday night. I have borrowed it from my friend as it was just an ornament in her bedroom, used more as a clothes horse:rolleyes:

It is not like the ones in my local gym which are much easier to use this one is very difficult but I am sure a few minutes here and there through out the day is better than nothing.

I feel so unfit:(

Love Mini xxx
Hi Deb

Best place to be only one way to go. Good Luck with it!

Just a quickie have a aeorbics class in 13 minutes. Don't want to go in late...again!

Dizzy x
Hiya Deb

Well done, 23 mins is good going, don't think I could manage it.

Keep up the good work, speak soon


Serial Foodie!
i think 23 minutes on a cross trainer is pretty darn fab!

i had one from the catalogue and managed 5 minutes at a time but almost died a few times lol. its no back at the catalogue headquatres (it brok under the strain lol) and i use the gyms stuff now. havent quite got up the courage to try the cross trainer again so am on the cycles and trwadmill lol

i reckon u did great!


Serial Foodie!
lol..my 5 minutes were on the easy level too! :(

so i still think u did bloming marvellous :D
Am up to 35 mins now. :D :D :D :D :D :D (ssh still on easy level) and clocking up a MASSIVE 8km.

Pretty pooped at the end of it still. Wonder when it will get easier. LOL

The people at the bus stop find it a great amusement to see me puffing and pounding away on the x-trainer. :D :D :D


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I see your busy shoveling the snow:)

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