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I am properly properly fed up. A lot. (rant)


is working hard.....
Had a thoroughly miserable day at work.

I had a nasty fall last week which ended in broken toes and me on crutches but I carried on into work as usual.

Not expecting a round of applause or anything, but I was treated like a leper, tutted at for not being able to carry things across the office, then the final straw was the comment from the boss at lunchtime saying I probably shouldn't be there as I was a liability :eek: Note he didn't send me home though :mad:

Why did I bother? I am sooooooooo fed up on top of feeling very sorry for myself not to mention very sore :cry:

Still, the good side is I stuck to plan, and have tucked my self up with a cuppa and my SW ferrero rocher.

Rant over - thanks for reading! :wave_cry:
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Thats not very nice at all! i hate that, when your clearly soildering o even though you should really be resting and no one appreiciates it., As youv said, you didnt expect an applause or an award, but comments like that are just not needed are they!

i really hope your tootsies feel better soon, and screw them.. co's youl have a fab loss for sticking to plan despite they'r insensitivity.. xxx


is working hard.....
Awww - thanks Fern ((hugs)). That helps.

I do feel sometimes I can't do right for doing wrong!

One day, one day soon, when I become more confident - (why does being overweight make you feel soooooo small and invisible when I am so big and clumsy :confused:) - I will make the bigger changes like changing my work, going for a better job, standing up for myself etc etc.

Anyhoooo - I stuck to plan, so today (yesterday?!) was a good day despite it all :) xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hey Hun. Ive broken my toes before now and know exactly how painful it was...and yes, I did try and soldier on dispite the pain.
I hope that you are feeling a little more positive today Hun?



is working hard.....
MUCH more positive today thanks.

And I STILL soldiered on at work this morning too with a fixed grin on my face like this :D.

Thanks for understanding, and for the support xx:)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Why do people have to be like this? It seems to be the same in every job, you get no brownie points for soldiering on.


is working hard.....
Thank you all for your support! :) Its FRIDAY!!!!! so the weekend beckons and I feel a real sense of achievement for coping with both the pain and injury plus the awful week at work.

I too don't understand why there is no recognition for the effort and determination taken to do your job. Even actually getting there was a massive event - friends, family, even my ex husband :)eek:) all went out of their way to help with lifts, childcare etc. Still. Its JUST my job - not my life.

Got Mr T delivering my Mullers, Alpen lights, laughing cows, fresh fruit and veggies etc tonight (a luxury as I can't get to or round a supermarket lol) and then the weekend will begin. I've stuck to plan, worked so so hard, and made it til the end of the week. And now I need to hobble to the bathroom to get ready for work and weigh in........... :bolt:

Thanks again, it really helps. :wavey:

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