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I am really unwell and worried

I have been odd all day, more giddy than usual, so cold I'm shivering, and about 2 house ago someone came and asked me if I was ok because I was blue.... I didn't feel well but when I looked in the mirror I got very worried... So after the medic checked me over and said my pulse was too low.. I normally have a low pulse but even for me it was low... He asked me what I'd eaten today and I told him honestly nothing and then I was taken to a private room where I explained about the lipotrim... But he was adament I HAD to eat something... I conceded and told him I would have some chicken... The caterers only had turkey breast so I ate 3 slices of this.. Now I'm home under the quilt freezing and feeling such a failure.. I don't know why I'm so so cold and feeling so poorly but please can someone confirm I won't come out of ketosis and I can carry on???? I can't get an answer on the helpline.. Thanks
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Sorry to hear you feel poorly. The chicken won't have done any harm as long as you stay away from carbs you will stay in ketosis.

Sounds like you are coming down with the flu or something. Hope you feel better soon xx
Hopefully hunni it's something you haver picked up along the line. If your still ill tomorrow maybe you should go to the docs.
Get well soon. x
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Well, considering your over half way through your diet, i cant see it being a bad reaction to that...I can understand when you tell people that you haven't eaten it sounds so stupid to them and sure you got a 'well its obvious whats wrong with you!' kind of look, but I really dont think Lipotrim will have anything to do with it as it has all your body needs. That is why its not a 'fad' diet.

I honestly think you must be coming down with something. Has it ever happened before? Hope you feel better after some rest hun xxx
Poor you sam..hope your feeling better in the next few days..:) Once you didn't touch the carbs you should stay in ketosis!! Don't be feeling bad, health comes first!!;)
Thank you everyone xxx I am still breathing,and apart from weighting 3lbs more than I did yesterday, i'm ok.. Still very wobbly and to be honest spent the day on the soaf, I'm still here xxx

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Sam, hope you are feeling better. Your health is more important than the diet. If you still feel very poorly tomorrow, you should see the doc. take care.

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