I am scared of syns!


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I have had a good week so far this week and I really want a good loss on Friday. I am going out on a works do Friday night and wanted to be as good as possible during the week (which I am so far).

Thing is, I know I should have a few syns during the week, because saving them all up for a binge at weekend isn't healthy. But I can't bring myself to eat any syns today. I'm so scared I'm not going to lose this week!

In my meal plan, I allowed myself a nice tasty creme egg today (9syns) but I can't bring myself to buy one...lol! How times have changed (from when I used to buy 6 and eat them all!!!)

I feel like my weight loss isn't going anywhere at all at the moment and I need a good loss to spur me on.

Bah. Me and my stupid food issues.
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Some consultants would say allow yourself 105 syns a week and have them either spread over the 7 days or have them all in one go.
It's best to have a few a day though as then we are not depriving ourselves of anything but I have often saved them up.
It doesn't hurt and the fact that you are thinking about friday night out and planning in advance is a good thing, in the past I'm sure you would not have thought about it!!
It's a balance and that's a good thing. Cut down a bit in the week, don't deprive yourself too much and enjoy friday - just keep counting the syns!

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I very rarely have all my allowance of syns Hun...dont fret! My consultant told me that the syns are really there in case you do fancy that little "treat" like the egg....but you dont have to eat them if you dont want to. I always found that I was tucking into a packet of crisps or biscuits just to eat my syns and I didnt really want them.
As jaylou said though...dont deprive yourself, otherwise you will probably end up eating twice the amount and then wondering you have gained!
Dont beat yourself up over it though....just do what you think is right for you.

Take care



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when i did sw in the past i would always save syns for the weekend, for a drink or take away haha,

i think that you are thinking about the weekend is good, and if you have saved up syns all waak then on friday maybe you will not feel bad about the night, i say have fun and enjoy girl and dont feel bad about enjoying yourself,

can i just ask, if you dont have any syns all week do you have a better loss than if you have all the syns you can.?
as anyone notice this?


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S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Thanks all :)

I feel like getting these things off my chest sometimes. It's not nice is it, feeling like you can't eat....which is why syns are there! I hate the food guilts! I didn't have the creme egg in the end, and I resisted the mini caramel shortbread squares thingies too.

I'm going to stick to no syns today and see how I get on tomorrow too. Hopefully then I will be ok on Friday evening, and have enough of the week left to repair any damage I do! Which in theory shouldn't be any, cos I'll have the syns saved, won't I?!

Rambling now....

H x


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If you don't eat all your sins and then your weight hits a plataeu you'll have nowhere to cut back from - I found that the first time I did SW I hardly had any sins to start with, then a few stone later when I'd been on the plan for a while and wanted some sins, if I had them I never lost because my body wasn't used to having treats.

I'd say, don't obsess about them, but don't deprive yourself of any sins all week as in the long run it'll also make it easier to stick to the diet as well as keeping the weight loss ticking over.