I am seriously considering swapping over to CD

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by lynnwilliams, 4 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    I have contacted a cdc, waiting for a reply back i have enough packs for 19 days. My man is still sticking to ll as he has got so far on it with weightloss, but its really killing us to find 132.00 a week. I will still carry on coming here coz i love you lot:tear_drop:
    I just feel terrible today!
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  3. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    Hey Lynn
    Nothing wrong with that so long as you don't give up your dream of being the thin sexy you that you know you can be.

    I fully understand the cost is a factor I am now battling to pay off the credit card I used to get here. Although have to say its the best money I have spent.

    Good luck hun.
  4. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    Thanks Tange.Im quite nervous about it though, but its better than giving vlcd up altogether in my opinion..ill still be losing weight.
  5. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    its a choice only u can make hunni, and u are right there isnt that much of a difference and maybe the change will boost ur losses a little piece xxx
    let us know what happens xxx
  6. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    Aww thx, i feel so bad leaving ll. But just cannot scrape the money atm while im not working.
  7. babs11

    babs11 Full Member

    hi lynn, who needs the councelling part of ll you or your partner? only reason i ask is if its you then could he change to cd instead?
    did think about it myself early on in the diet but was afraid any change would throw me off track...i would've tried cd though if i'd heard about it before i started ll.
    good luck with whatever you decide, hopefull you've already learned some valuable lessons from ll.
  8. lynnwilliams

    lynnwilliams Silver Member

    Well i feel that i dont need the councilling part, also chris dont get proper councilling with his llc, the men just sit and chat amongst there selves.Its a waste of time for both of us and also i am started a course which is when the group is on.
  9. SurreySlimmer

    SurreySlimmer lovin' it!

    Ahhh... ignore my previous post on your other thread. My o/h is going to do CD after christmas - he doesn't think he needs the councilling side of it either. I'll be very interested to hear how you get on.
  10. mariemoore

    mariemoore Full Member

    have you considerd the lipotrim diet , i decided on that for the results i found were good and also the cost of 36.00 a week men are 48.00, three shakes a day, choc , vanilla, and strawberry. ive lost 9lbs first week and 6and half second week, good luck, mariex

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