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I am so close to target now!


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G: 10st0lb
Morning All,
I lost an amazing 3.5 pounds last night - amazing because I had had a really busy two weeks previous, missed one weigh in & wasn't really concentrating properly on the last week (maybe I should do this every week), anyway I have 4.5 pounds to go till target now, it is so close I can almost touch it, the only thing is that now I am almost there I am quite apprehensive about actually getting it - I am not sure HOW to maintain without 'dieting':confused:
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Mrs V

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Hi Julie...well done on almost reaching goal!!!
Your Consultant will give you advice and tips on maintaining, so dont panic about that, you will be fine!



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Well done you - You have done an amazing job so far....

L xx


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Well done! You are an inspiration. I feel like I'm miles away from target but it's so nice to hear of people actually getting there - it helps spur me on! You'll get that 4.5lb off in no time!
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I feel like ive been stuck at 10st 2lb for ever! Really want to get it off this week but cant see it happening.

Roz V

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Congratulations Julie (and apologies for hijacking your Scan Bran Recipes thread yesterday!).

You are sensible to be a bit apprehensive about maintaining at target - it doesn't suddenly just end when you get your badge!

We reached target in February, and, despite having a couple of 'blips' since then (NOT Cornish cream teas, they simply did not have their previous allure!) have managed to maintain since.

The most important single thing that you can do in our opinion is KEEP GOING TO CLASSES! Maybe not every week, but the discipline of being weighed has been VITAL to us, as well as the great support that we get from our Group. Hubby has also added that Target members can also often help other struggling Group members. Things we've done in a particular situation can sometimes be really valuable to someone else.

Remember, you won't have to PAY, provided that you stay within 3lbs either way of target. We've both had a couple of 'blips' since Feb. - upwards of course, although others have fallen below, and there is provision to review your target weight - but we get one week's grace, and provided we are within limits the following week, we don't have to pay. (Phew, £9 is a lot to us!!!). This has ensured that we've looked at where we went wrong, and corrected it immediately, usually by additional use of Scan Bran!!!

I don't know which plan you are following. I envy members who have joined since EE was introduced, and are not locked into Red and Green days. We didn't change over in Jan. because we didn't see how we could manage without our 2 A's and 2 B's, apart from the whole concept appearing alien.

However, our super Consultant, without whose encouragement we would NEVER have got there, suggested that we try EE, but, as Target members KEEP our 2 A's and B's!!!

This has worked for us, apart from the times we've "gone overboard".

I'm sure that others at target will have loads more ideas for maintaining - in fact may well have already posted them in the time it has taken me to write this, then key it in with one finger!

Good Luck Julie, and everyone else in the same boat - please do keep posting.
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Hi Julie, I have written a long post about maintaining, but somehow it's got filed AFTER your last post, and not listed. Just wanted to make sure that you didn't miss it...


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Hi Julie,
Well done on getting this far - it's a fantastic achievement and you should be really proud of yourself, that 4.5lb will be off in no time!

Some good advice from Roz on maintaining and your consultant will help but you will never stop "dieting". That's the truth of it, although I don't consider it dieting any more, I do watch what I eat and at times I do diet properly when I've had a few indulgent days or weeks and put some weight on or when (like now) I want to lose a few before I go on holiday.

The other way to do it, if you don't like to indulge too much, is to increase your healthy extras. It takes a bit of getting used to, but the main thing is, once you get to target DON'T stop going to class - even if you don't go every week.

I'm sure you will be fine and well done again - that target is within your reach now!!

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