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I am so lazy


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I work in a school and this is my 3rd of 6 weeks holiday. This is great for many reasons but particularly childcare.
I have a load of jobs to do and so far have only cleaned the cupboard doors in the kitchen and i haven't even done the tops of the wall units yet. I haven't cleaned my bathroom for days, the hoover has seen the light of day since i dont know when, my floors are really manky with kids coming in and out all day.
I've 18lbs to lose and as i've stayed the same (up and down the same couple of lbs) for the last several weeks i am starting to feel fat as i'm used to this weight now.
Anyway, last night i just sat down lazy, drank a whole bottle of wine and eat an entire tube of pringles. Was falling asleep in chair when eldest DD told me i had to go to bed or i'd end up sleeping there all night!!:break_diet:
I've no energy, i cant be bothered and i'm starting to feel the way i did before CD. I've just read another thread where some of you are fed up with the products and losing the light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm having a coffee just now, so before i have a shower i am going to tackle the massive ironing. I'll have a chat to myself about just getting on with it - its only 18lbs. I'll get back to the one day at a time challenge whilst popping in and out of hour by hour.
Sorry for my rant, i'm sure i'll feel better in a while.
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Hey - you could be at target by the time you go back to work!!!! How good would that be!! :D


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I, too, work in a school and today is day one of five and a half weeks off :)
Am hoping to have lost another two stone by the time I go back on 1st September :)
Well done on your 46lbs loss, so far :)
Is it time for you to start moving up the plans yet?


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Awww c'mon Fat2thin, you can do it!!! I also thought that you really wanted to have lost majority of the weight by the time your bday comes around.
I know we all have our lazy days. It's like getting back into running or going to the gym, it's a massive effort to get there but once you've started you're wondering what took you so long!!! :D

You can do it sweetie, c'mon only 18lbs to go, you'll have that off in no time!!!!

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