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I am so mad :(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by amethyst, 23 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    I cooked myself loads of home made chips erlier for dinner! And left lots on a plate for me to have about now ! Was just craving them so went down to get them, and OH Has ate the lot!! I am so mad i could scream!! There is nothing else here i can have ?:mad:

    I been eying up a tin of Heinze spag bol, but it is not in my book!


    He is so in considerate, he knows how hard this is for me, he can eat anything thats in the cupboards, it is packed with biscuits, bread, choc etc.. but nooo he had to eat the one and only think i can have!!

    Like yesterday i bought 2 for 75p twice bags of ryvita minis, to have as a HEB I had one last night... None left :(

    Sorry needed to rant!
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  3. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese, canned 400g can[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG] Original 9½ Syns [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT] Green 4 Syns[/FONT]
  4. pinktiger

    pinktiger Full Member

    I'd want to kill him if I was you. Why are they so annoying by doing these things? Mine decided to place chicken wings with a hot and spicy sauce coating and chicken drumsticks coated in bread crumbs in to the trolley for dinner this afternoon as he thought I could have them being chicken and a red day. He couldn't understand why I couldn't eat it, no matter how many times I explain how SW works he just doesn't get it. It's been one of them days. Oh and OH insists on eating said crap in front of me giving no consideration to me and how I feel. Men argh
  5. leannemarie28

    leannemarie28 That mars bar aint love..

    That would really grate. you should slip some chillis or something equally as nasty is some food u leave...he'll get the message..hehehe
  6. Ninja

    Ninja Silver Member

    I can understand your frustration hun, that would make my blood boil. Personally I would go and tell him that now he's eaten your snack/treat he has to prepare you some more.
    Try making your own crisps in the microwave. It's really easy. Slice potatoes in food processor or with the slicer on a cheese grater like I do :eek:, spray microwave plate with fry lite, sprinkle with salt and microwave for about 3 - 4 mins. Check them and turn them after 3mins and cook them a little longer but keep checking as they brown very quickly.
    very easy to make and fairly quick and most importantly....FREE!!!!!

    Every Friday the OH comes home for his lunch with a mate and they always have a huge portion of fish and chips. I told him yesterday to not come home with them. If he had to have some to eat them in the car before he gets home otherwise I'd pinch some of them. He said that's ok he always gets a large portion because he knows I'll have some....argh!!!!!! I told him I don't want any so don't turn up with any and then I won't pinch any. They turned up at lunch time, the mate had his F & C which is fine, I wouldn't steal his and the OH had fresh tortilini and a sauce with a whole baguette of garlic bread to cook, so I had some pieces of that instead :cry: I can't win.
  7. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    My kids are just the same, I make me something nice for a treat and they eat it! Funny how they always tell me it was lovely too. Maybe I should become a secret diet food eater hidden away in a cupboard somewhere lol.
  8. NIKI

    NIKI Full Member

    I can so sympathize with this problem, I had quron sausages last night for my teas with mash and peas (how great is this diet?!) cooked the whole packet and saved 2 to re-heat this morning to have with bacon, egg and beans - Hubby was out djing last night has come in drunk and eaten MY sausages - he doesn't even like them!! Arrggghhhh and he's still in bed!!
  9. Sarah-Jayne

    Sarah-Jayne Gold Member

    Ha! My OH is just the same mate! Example, someone at work gave me a mini marshmellow cake from M&S so thought I would leave it as a evening treat when I got home. Soooo I get home, have a bath, get my cup of tea ready, go to the fridge.....and the marsh mellow cake is gone... The wrapper is on sofa with the OH sitting next to it lol. Supposed he saved me a few syns lol. Men, they have no consideration eh!
  10. Cobweb

    Cobweb Full Member

    I had an ex bf that always wanted to take the last bite of my food, he'd show no interest until it got to the last mouthful or last item and be like "ooh let me have some" so many arguments ensued over how I didn't mind him having some but mentally the last bite, for me anyways, is important and along with the first is the best part of the experience to be savoured. So to deprive me of that left me unsatisfied, especially as I am one of those people which will save the bits I like best for last.

    Also has anyone else noticed that stupid Magnum Mini's advert, where he laughingly says "Have you eaten the last Magnum Mini again" okay so who else thought that what would really happen is "Oh ffs you've eaten all the chuffing Magnums again!!" **evil stare - stomps off**

    Talk to him how you feel, ask him how he feels about you being on a diet and let him know that you need more support. Do men feel they are competing with the diet and therefore try and sabotage it? I don't know about anyone else but often I spend an awful lot of time just thinking about/obsessing about food, perhaps they feel this is time we could be paying them attention.
  11. NIKI

    NIKI Full Member

    Also has anyone else noticed that stupid Magnum Mini's advert, where he laughingly says "Have you eaten the last Magnum Mini again" okay so who else thought that what would really happen is "Oh ffs you've eaten all the chuffing Magnums again!!" **evil stare - stomps off**

    Ha ha this so would happen in my house!!! Oh and they wouldn't be mini one's anyway
  12. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Oo i totally understand. My Oh is exactly the same, he can eat what ever he wants, and stay and slim and frickin rake yet all he wants is what i have! - and then goes on to eat everything else anyways!!!

    - try and stay calm, and explain again to him. Keep nagging him to understand and he'l eventually get it, my Oh's getting there. Somtimes they just dont get why somthing that seems silly or insignificant to them is so important to us.... like eating the last mini babybell light.. when youv only had 2 .. :mad: LOL
  13. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    Awe your replys made me giggle! Men are right greedy fat skinny people arnt they? lol lol... (Ok some men are)

    I must try those crisps done in the micro, they sound lush!

    I think he gets the message now, I couldnt get him to make me more, cus he was kind of slurring his words sipping on his cans, playing his new xbox game! ha ha..

    BUT i will do a test and put lots of chilly on them next time, cus i do love chilly.. and i know he hates it!! :) (Evil grin)lol
  14. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Muhaha. Sounds a plan, my OH often offers to 'replace' or cook for me, but he doens't understand how you can cook without oil.. so its better to just continuously complain.. LOL
  15. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    Although I totally sympathise, I would like to point out that this is not about 'men' it is about other halves!!

    Some men are not only very understanding, they also understand about SW too :)

    Thanks lol
  16. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    I totally agree. My hubby does most of the cooking, all SW and even joined to give support. He is not losing quickly, but he doesn't need to, and he is lucky to be losing anyway as he must have about 50 syns a day.
    He does, however, understand the concept. He just does his own thing with it! I don't mind. It's up to him as long as he continues the SW way.
    He does, at times, eat real cake, as he calls it in front of me but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. It can sit in the kitchen on display and I don't mind. I just ignore it! It's all in the mind, for me anyway.
    People at work are always offering me chocs and cake. I always turn it down and it worries me not in the slightest.
    I can, however, understand how frustrating and hurtful it must be when OHs do things that knowingly upset you.
    I would soon have stern words if it upset me.
  17. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    Oh hun, I feel so lucky that my OH is so good. Occasionally he'll tempt me to slip up an we'll eat out or go the footy or do something naughty, butmost of the time he's great. He even comes to me and says 'what can I have?' cos he knows that I have SW treats and SW things in the house.

    I only buy mini chocs and french fries or SW friendly crisps anyway and he just has what he wants when he wants on that score, he eats what I get in, so if I don't get it in, he doesn't have it.

    Next time, leave a note by your chips that says 'MY Slimming World chips, please don't eat, there's pie in the fridge. Xx'

    Works a treat!
  18. mamabear

    mamabear Member

    My hubby has just eaten a pk of LARGE choccy buttons in front of me, yet he's still skinny, how unfair!
  19. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    i was eyeing up my daughter's left over fish at teatime-hubby gave it to the cat, who has steadfastly ignored it. Guess it would be icky to take it out of her bowl?:cool:
  20. slinkydreams

    slinkydreams Full Member


    Newbie here, I joined slimming world 7 weeks ago, and have so far lost 2st (have a lot to lose!)

    My OH refuses to eat anything I cook now, as he knows it is "diet" food. (Even refusing to eat chili made with lean mince, even though he always used to eat it before!). He needs to lose weight too, but not as much as me, however, since I have joined up he has gained 1/2 stone because he is now cooking for himself (consists of heating up ready meals)...
  21. Ninja

    Ninja Silver Member

    Give him time, he'll soon start to see the error of his ways when he can't fasten his jeans up or reach his shoe laces :D

    BTW, who buys his meals?

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