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I am so nearly there OMG


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Well it has been a roller coaster but today well 5 mins ago really I have just realised I have 5lb to go before I start up the plans omg:eek:

I have to say the hard times constipation runs hair loss dizzy hunger has all been the worst .Would I recomend it to anyone I most definatley would it has to be the best thing I have done on the weight loss journey every inconvenience has got a better plus and may even look into becoming a cdc .

Well 5lb to go I could be on ss+ next week and that seems sooooo scary .Will be taking it very slow ease myself back into food have been researching plans for maintaining for life so fingers crossed.I think I am about to venture into the really hard part of any diet so maybe some more tears to come .

Thank you to everyone for there support and for the laughs will be needing loads more of both.

if you are just starting on this journey get your head in the right place and get through the first week that first WI is the biggest motivation .Set yourself mini targets ones that you can get in just a week or 2 and ones that take 4 to 6 weeks that way you are always reaching a goal this so helped me .I hate to lose lol.

Have hopefully add a pic taken today if it works would like to post a before one too but dont know how will fiddle for a while may get there lol xxxxxxx
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Mandy what a fantastic post and a massive achievement. You are a bloomin marvel woman and should be chuffed to ickle pieces. Here's to maintenance and all the joys it holds, I am sure you will be just as successful as you have been with your weight loss.

Huge congratulatons and well done!

Well done Mandy

You must be really excited to be going up the plans soon
Love the new pic

I do think you are really amazing...you have done all this while working in a fish and chip shop...you have amazing willpower and I am really confident that you will have a successful and positive maintaince


now got pictures in album
wow, 8 stone down, you have done amazing. Well done to you, you are truly an inspiration! you must get your pictures bigger and post them so I can see a comparision! I hope to be where you are one day, well done to you, can I ask, how long did it take you?


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Well done Mandye you have done brilliant and you are an inspiration!!
Congratulations, thats great, well done you :) I know what you mean about introducing food being a bit scary. I'm on LL at the moment but will be switching to one of the cambridge plans with a small meal in a couple of weeks so wondering how I'll cope.
I'm sure you'll be fine, you've done research and you're focused, good luck!! :)


Flipping fantastic achievement!!!!


....and the difference in your pictures is amazing....really well done!!!!
mandy your amazing well done on all you have achieved loving your new pic. You must be so proud of yourself i know i would be. I can only hope i do half aswell as you

becky x


Strong women stay slim
Mandy , ho my god is what i said over and over , really is a fab loss . Just reading nearly there omg is so right , you smile from ear to ear girl , good on ya !
That's such a wonderful achievement Mandy, congratulations :D good luck with moving up the plans.

What a step in the right direction and an inspiration to us all!
What a difference and all since October last year - that's a fantastic achievement. Well done to you for your determination. You look fab in your new photo and really are an inspiration.
BRILLIANT!!!!! Well done that is truely amazing. My loss was 8 stone at the beggining ( about half way now) and you are proof to me that it can be done so a big THANKYOU for being such an inspiration x x Good luck on maintanance i'm sure you'll be great x


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Thank you all the encouragemet from everybody on here help make this journey so much easier ,no one puts you down for the silly time just support and a bit of tough love when needed keep it up everyone it is an amazing site .

Well my sats I am 5ft 9 and started my journey on oct 9 2007 at 21 .7 stone :eek: I am now at 13 .5 its something like 5 months or 168 days today .

The time seems like for ever when you first start but I promise you It has gone so fast and I can honestly say that Ihave not hated it (cant say Ive loved it but its not a tourture lol)

Dont know if my CDC comes on here but lesley in harrogate is well worth ringing she is a great CDC .

Thank you everyone now who can put pictures up bigger I have three ready but cant get them on here :D


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:wow: Well done Mandy, what a fantastic achievement, you've done so so well!!!! Good luck with maintainance, it is a bit scary at first, i'm on the 1000 plan now and loving it although it's strange being out of ketosis and feeling actual hunger again :eek:
What an absolutely amazing achievment, you've done so bloody well, you're such an inspiration!

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