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I am so so hungry!

and i have got no food in at all :(

I normally do my shoping on a tuesday, but i never did a full shop last week so i ran out over the weekend and have been having mismatched meals all week...in not managing to get to asda till tomorrow and im starving! Ive not eaten since breakfast.

Ive got no potatoes no pasta, no veg, no fruit, no eggs. Ive already used my bread for today for breakfast....my microwave has blown up and ive just attempted to make my last pasta n sauce and my kids distracted me and it burnt :(

im so so close to a take away :( and my freezer is only full of joints of meat...i got no sausages or anything like that left either! Normally i never let my fridge/cupboards get so empty, but with the snow we have had ive not been able to get out then with one thing or another this week ive not got my normal shopping done yet either....i need food :(
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Could you have some cereal or bread and syn it
I could but ive got nothing in my fridge to have with the bread lol...ive got cheese but im starving and i dont think a cheese sarnie will cut it :(

I think its going to have to be a chinese and go over on my syns.....gonna have another look through my cupboard first tho!

And why is it when your hungry every other advert on the tv is bloody food :(
I do but ive got kids in bed so cant go out, and we still have thick ice on all the paths and roads so its lethal to actually go anywhere anyhow

All ive got in is tin of mushy peas....tin tomatoes...tom puree and tuna!!! and the thought of makin sommat outta that is enough to make nme sick lol
oooh tuna melt on toast i can deal with! I never thought of that...thank you xxx

i can honestly say i never heard of a mushy pea curry tho lol
you know i think im destined to just not eat today lol....one of them days where absolutely everything is against you! My tin opener has now gone walkies :(

Mine you my kitchen is a right mess at the min, the bins havnt been emptied for 4 weeks due to the snow(this is the 4th week) so i have rubbish bags piling up as i cant put them outside cause next door has about 8 cats and they rip it all open. Its getting emptied in the morning for the first time but they wont take any extra bags, its stupid!

grrr sorry for the rant guys!
If you find your tin opener and have a blender put your tinned tomatoes in the blender and add cumin or basil or pesto or virtually any herb or spice you have and hey presto a delicious tomato soup with your cheese melt' Or blend the tomato put in a dish and heat with your cheese on the top and eat with the toasted bread.
I couldnt find my tin opener, so im going to do the tomato soup (ring pull can) and have it with a cheese sandwich....thanks so much guys, my belly feels like my throats been cut lol

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